Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 455

Sun Ling’s tinnitus, he couldn’t hear anything, even his own heartbeat.
He finally understood why Sun Qi was so scared.
“Mr. Jiang, Sun Ling, who is ignorant, has eyes but doesn’t know Taishan, offends Mr. Jiang, I hope Mr. Jiang can give me a chance,”
Sun Qi trembled, “My grandson family, is willing to give up all industries that compete with the Lin family and immediately withdraw from Jianzhou!”
“Do you think my Lin family can’t compete with your grandson family?”
“No, no! I didn’t mean that!”
Sun Qi was so frightened that he knelt down.
“I am not an unreasonable person.”
Jiang Ning said, “Sun Ling was the one who used the following three abuses. I just asked him to settle the accounts. Patriarch Sun, you said, my son is not good at teaching. Isn’t it harmful to grow up?
Sun Qi nodded, his face full of bitterness.
“Then I will give you another chance to educate your children now, do you want?”
“Yes! Want!”
Sun Qi said quickly.
Jiang Ning stopped talking and picked up the teacup again.
Sun Ling’s face suddenly turned pale.
He turned to look at Sun Qi and shook his head again and again.
“Dad! No! No!”
Sun Ling yelled hurriedly.
“Come on!”
Sun Qi gave an order, “Break the young master’s leg!”
“No! No! No!”
Sun Ling struggled to escape, but was immediately held back by someone. Sun Qi shouted, “If he dares to resist, he will interrupt with his hands!”
With two cracked bones, the long stick hit Sun Ling’s thigh fiercely.
Suddenly, it was a heart-piercing scream!
Sun Ling convulsed and passed out in pain.
Everyone in the Sun family was trembling with fear, but they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.
Sun Qi kept his eyes red, still respectful, and looked at Jiang Ning with his hands over: “Mr. Jiang, thank you for having a lot of yours. Give my Sun family a chance, thank you!”
He broke his son’s legs with his own hands and made Sun Ling a useless person from now on. He even wanted to say thank you to Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning got up and tapped his fingers on the desk lightly.
“Patriarch Sun, I don’t think your son has the ability to inherit the family business, so consider who the next Patriarch will pass to.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning took Huang Yuming and others to leave.
“Yes! Yes! I will consider carefully and accept Mr. Jiang’s suggestion!”
Sun Qi shouted respectfully.
How dare Sun Qi say a word?
The meaning of Jiang Ning’s words couldn’t be more obvious. If the Sun family were to be handed over to Sun Ling in the future, the Sun family would definitely disappear overnight!
This cold warning meant that Sun Qi’s entire back trembled.
He didn’t dare not listen to Jiang Ning’s words, let alone be dissatisfied.
The Yang family is the best example!
Even if there are mad women like Yang Xiao, what can they do?
Even the five tigers of Jianzhou died tragically!
Compared with the Yang family, his Sun family is nothing at all, so he dare to provoke Jiang Ning.
“Nizi! Nizi!”
Sun Qi glanced bitterly, Sun Ling, who passed out of pain, couldn’t help cursing.
He has to continue to control this grandson family for more than ten years, at least until he has another son and cultivates a talent, he dare not slacken in the slightest.
“Send Sun Ling to the country and let him worry about food and clothing.”
Sun Qi ordered.
He didn’t argue with anger, and the Sun family had fallen into this field now. After the destruction of the Yang family, they had a great opportunity to go further.
But now?
As long as we can live well, it is already an extravagant hope!
“In addition, any conflicting industries with the Lin Group will be sold and sold, even if you lose money!”
Sun Qi now knew why the Yang family would be destroyed.
They did not offend Jiang Ning, but offended Lin, and offended Lin, more terrible than offending Jiang Ning!
Lin’s desire to develop and rise in the Southeast region is unstoppable. He now knows that it is not too late, at least, the Sun family has kept it.
“Yes, I will do it now.”
The butler tremblingly said respectfully.
He had never seen Sun Qi so nervous and jealous.
I am afraid that the loss will not be small if some of the properties under the Sun family’s name are sold, but looking at the determination of Sun Qi, the strong man to break his wrist, the steward knows that they have no choice.
“and also,”
Sun Qi glanced at the housekeeper, squinted his eyes, and took a deep breath. “What happened to the Sun family today is not allowed to be leaked out!”
His Sun family has offended Jiang Ning because of Sun Ling, a damn rebellious son, and suffered a great loss. This news should not be let others know. It is not that Sun Qi is afraid of embarrassment, but that he hopes that there are people who do not have eyesight to provoke Jiang Ning!
It’s not just his grandson’s unlucky!

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