Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 457

“How could such a thing happen suddenly?”
Lin Yu really trusted Ye Qingwu’s character 100%.
Ye Qingwu didn’t even have an object to step on the two boats, she had asked about it a long time ago.
In the entertainment industry, being splashed with such dirty water would ruin Ye Qingwu!
Lin Yuzhen immediately took out his cell phone and called Ye Qingwu, but after two or three calls, no one answered, she became even more anxious.
“Don’t worry.”
Jiang Ning comforted, “She has been in the entertainment industry for many years. She hasn’t encountered this kind of thing rarely, so she should know how to deal with it.”
Besides, there is also Wang Wei next to Ye Qingwu, this senior agent knows how to protect Ye Qingwu.
“I have a bad feeling.”
Lin Yuzhen said.
The meaning of this title is obviously not only to say that Ye Qingwu stepped on two boats, which is a moral problem, but the focus is on the second half of the sentence, saying that she has no artistic virtue and is not worthy of trust.
“Yes, I’m afraid, it’s aimed at our Lin family.”
Jiang Ning nodded.
He naturally saw it.
Ye Qingwu might even be involved by their Lin family.
Someone secretly dealt with Lin’s Group, even against Lin’s current new products, and splashing dirty water on Ye Qingwu was to make her lose trust and make her fans and consumers distrust her!
Is a person with a chaotic private life still worthy of trust?
Will the products she endorses be trustworthy as she says?
The ultimate goal of the people behind the scenes is to deal with Lin’s, so that the sales of Lin’s new products are greatly reduced.
It’s too cruel.
He even used this method to ruin Ye Qingwu.
“It still can’t get through, and Wang Wei’s phone call can’t get through either.”
Lin Yu was really worried.
She didn’t want Ye Qingwu to be ruined because of the Lin family.
This kind of inferior artist has almost a broken path in the future, and there is no chance to stand up again.
The two have talked about it, in order to pursue her dream, Ye Qingwu even broke up with her family, and if the dream is shattered and she can’t even return home, then she doesn’t know if she can bear it.
“Jiangning, what should I do now?”
“I can’t let Qing Wu be maliciously attacked because of Lin’s, ruining her dream!”
Lin Yu was really anxious.
Ye Qingwu had to face such troubles as soon as she returned to Shenghai. Can she cope with it?
“Don’t worry.”
Jiang Ning patted Lin Yuzhen’s shoulder lightly, “Well, let me go to Shenghai, don’t you worry about it?”
Lin Yuzhen looked at him and said, “I always cause you so much trouble.”
“The meaning of my existence is to solve all the troubles for you.”
Jiang Ning laughed, holding Lin Yuzhen’s face, “Eat well at home, brush your teeth well, sleep well, and wait for me to come back.”
Lin Yu really nodded, and kissed Jiang Ning’s face: “I…I’ll wait for you at home.”
Soon, Huang Yuming arrived with a few people from Brother Dog.
As soon as he entered the house, Su Mei happened to take out the prepared pastries from the kitchen. Seeing that Jiang Ning was about to go out, he couldn’t help but say.
“Aren’t you just coming back and going out again?”
I haven’t eaten the pastries yet!
“There is something to deal with, I will be back soon.”
Jiang Ning smiled, stretched out his hand to grab the pastry, put it in his mouth, huh, huh, “It’s so fragrant.”
“It’s hot! Be careful!”
Su Mei hurriedly said, “I packed the bento box, and you will eat together on the way!”
Jiang Ning got in the car, waved to Lin Yuzhen, and hurried towards Donghai International Airport.
Sheng Hai, he is going.
I don’t know how Liu Xiaodao is recovering from his injury. After all the time, he should have started to move.

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