Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 458

At that time.
Shenghai, Interstellar Entertainment Company.
Ye Qingwu was called back by the boss of the company as soon as he returned to Shenghai.
When I entered the office, I hurled my head and covered my face. I didn’t stop for three hours.
“Making a fool! It’s just bullshitting!”
“What do you think you are? Do you think you are an ordinary person!”
“Ye Qingwu, Ye Qingwu, how much resources did the company spend to praise you? And you, that’s how you repay the company? Besides causing trouble to the company, what else can you do?”
Ye Qingwu didn’t say a word, looking at the boss Bai Xiaofei, who was walking back and forth, constantly cursing.
As the owner of Interstellar Entertainment, Bai Xiaofei finally found Ye Qingwu, a cash cow, and he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to build her. Now it is the time to start harvesting, but Ye Qingwu has caused him trouble one after another.
Even the trouble that almost caused him to stumble!
“Some time ago, you provoke the Su family. Do you know what position the Su family is in Shenghai?”
Bai Xiaofei sneered, “They can easily make you lose your job! Get you out of the entertainment circle!”
“If I hadn’t gone to the Su Family Patriarch Su Bowen, would you still be standing here now?”
Ye Qingwu still did not speak.
Wang Wei, who was on the side, couldn’t help it.
The reason why the Su family didn’t dare to trouble Ye Qingwu again was not because Bai Xiaofei went to Su Bowen and begged for personal affection, it was because of Jiang Ning!
Bai Xiaofei has an ass face.
“Is it your turn to speak?”
Before Wang Wei could speak, Bai Xiaofei turned his head and glared at Wang Wei, “I haven’t said you yet!”
“I asked you to be Ye Qingwu’s agent. I didn’t ask you to follow her to mess around. Will you do anything on earth?”
Bai Xiaofei cursed angrily, “Does she have to be banned? It has to be our company’s loss that you will be smarter?”
“Boss, we did nothing wrong, right.”
Wang Wei bit his scalp and said.
They did nothing wrong. Rumors are the most common thing in the entertainment industry.
Even many stars who are not hot still need to create rumors for themselves, which can win attention and hot spots, which is nothing.
“Did you do something wrong?”
Bai Xiaofei smiled rather than smiled, “Now all the major news headlines are saying that Qingwu stepped on two boats, is morally corrupt, and is a bad artist. Don’t you know what this means?”
Wang Wei said, “Of course I know, but this is obviously a rumor.”
“Rumor? It depends on who said it!”
Bai Xiaofei said angrily.
“The people behind this scene are from the north! They are people with a great status in the entertainment industry. This is to kill Ye Qingwu and kill our company!”
He raised his back and slapped his slap on the table.
“What’s the reason? It’s not because Ye Qingwu didn’t discuss with the company, so he privately agreed to endorse what Lin’s product to endorse. This is a competition among other people’s businesses. We are used as cannon fodder!
Such an obvious move, Bai Xiaofei, who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, could not see it.
He can accept other people’s provocations and targets. In this circle, if you don’t deal with others today, others will deal with you tomorrow.
But if it is because of someone else, who provokes someone he can’t fight against at all, then he will only transfer his anger to Ye Qingwu!
“All responsibilities, I will do my best!”
Ye Qingwu spoke suddenly, “If the company feels that the influence I have brought is not good, then it will block me!”

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