Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 460

Ye Qingwu did not respond to those rumors and slanders.
She knew that she would stand up and say it now that she would only describe it more and more darkly, and it would only make people feel that she was covering up.
In the hotel, Jiang Ning was making tea leisurely, without the slightest worry or anxiety on his face.
Ye Qingwu and Wang Wei sat down and took the tea that Jiang Ning handed over.
“Don’t worry, this little trouble can be solved tomorrow.”
Jiang Ning smiled and spoke lightly.
“Can it be solved tomorrow?”
Wang Wei was shocked, so fast?
Jiang Ning sat here, but didn’t do anything, how to solve it?
In the entertainment circle, this kind of rumors are difficult to resolve. The best way is to wait for the situation to calm down and allow time to resolve. Otherwise, it is very possible to accidentally ruin yourself completely.
“Well, thank you, I will trouble you to run again.”
Ye Qingwu didn’t have the slightest doubt, Jiang Ning said that it would be solved in the day, and it would definitely be possible.
“No thanks, count it, you were implicated by the Lin family. Someone wanted to deal with the Lin family and took you.”
Jiang Ning said, “Yu really told me that he must not let you be harmed.”
“You really hurt Yuzhen.”
Ye Qingwu put down the tea cup, her face was full of envy, “I am happy for her happiness.”
There are probably not many good men in this world, but Jiang Ning is definitely one of them.
Especially, a man with such a strength as Jiang Ning must have many women who will take the initiative to rush forward, but Jiang Ning has always been true to Lin Yu, which is actually very impressive.
Jiang Ning just smiled and didn’t say much.
He has experienced too much in his life, dark, cruel, and unsuccessful. No one knows better than Jiang Ning.
The more so, the more he knows that Lin Yu is really precious, this girl, since he was young, has occupied a firm position in his heart, and it is impossible to be shaken.
“Brother Jiang, you said someone wants to deal with the Lin family, do you have a countermeasure?”
Wang Wei took a sip of his tea and said with concern, “I heard that this time the people who are secretly spreading rumors to smear Qingwu are from the north. In the entertainment industry, they have some status, I’m afraid it will be difficult to deal with.”
Jiang Ning poured tea for the two people, and said casually: “Nobody, I’m not qualified to let me do it yet.”
The purpose of his coming this time is not just to help Ye Qingwu solve this little trouble.
This Shenghai should also move.
Seeing that Jiang Ning hadn’t cared about it at all, Ye Qingwu and the two were even more relieved.
They have seen Jiang Ning’s strength. Since Jiang Ning only allows them to drink tea at ease, in their eyes, a big trouble, in Jiang Ning’s eyes, I am afraid that drinking two cups of tea can solve the problem.
At the same time, Huang Yuming and others have already started to move!
When the lights were turned on, the warehouse suddenly became bright.
The two little stars who were caught shivered at the moment, it was exactly the two little white faces that were vying for each other in the rumors about Ye Qingwu!
“Who are you! Don’t let us go!”
“Let us go, we didn’t provoke you!”
Both of them were so scared that they didn’t even know what happened, and they were arrested here suddenly.
“Did you let you talk?”
Brother Gou just kicked and kicked the two people out.
“Damn, you can be a celebrity with such a little white face? Brother Gou, I’m afraid of kicking them to death!”
“Spare! Please spare!”
The two screamed.
Huang Yuming waved his hand, and the six people immediately stepped forward, slapped them directly, and fainted both of them.
“Let’s do it.”
He said lightly.
This kind of small matter, where does Jiang Ning need to do it himself.
They will be enough…

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