Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 461

Soon, the two little white faces were stripped naked, and they were thrown on the bed that had been prepared a long time ago, so that the two people held each other, the more ambiguous the posture, the more ambiguous.
“Front, close-up of the face, be clear.”
Brother Gou smiled, he likes to do this kind of thing the most, and he is energized when he looks at it!
Don’t they want to be famous? They also want to be famous with Ye Qingwu’s enthusiasm, so Brother Gou will help them.
I took a lot of photos. The dog brother brought Huang Fang. I don’t have to say about the professional level. The angle I chose made people couldn’t help but give a thumbs up and praised him as a talent.
“Brother Dog, it’s all done!”
Huang Fang is a little excited. He can do things with Jiang Ning, even the simplest things. Especially, if someone wants to deal with Lin, then don’t blame yourself for being impolite!
Lin, now his home!
“Yes, your technique is really good!”
Brother Dog patted Huang Fang on the shoulder, “I am optimistic about you!”
“Thank you Brother Dog!”
Huang Fang hurriedly said, “Leave this to me, promise, let them two, it will be popular in the entertainment industry!”
Huang Fang took the photo and left.
And these two little white faces were secretly sent to a hotel by the dog brothers and they immediately called the media reporters to block them at the hotel entrance and watched them come out of the same hotel with their own eyes.
That night, one o’clock in the morning.
On Shenghai’s largest entertainment website, a few large-scale photos suddenly broke out!
Suddenly, as if there was an earthquake, the entire entertainment circle in Shenghai shook!
On the screen, the two naked men, only thin sheets, and the men covering the private part, hugged each other tightly. What is the difference between that action and a couple?
What’s even more jaw-dropping is that on that bed, some special props and costumes appear loomingly, which is even more perverted!
“Competing women outright, but lovers secretly!”
The huge title pushed the two directly to the cusp of the storm.
The identities of the two people were immediately picked up. Are these two male artists who have been circulated recently and are both related to Ye Qingwu?
How did they get together?
There was also a post about the two people secretly attempting to ruin Ye Qingwu’s reputation in order to increase the popularity of the plan, all revealed.
The writing is very true, with the photos, people can’t doubt it at all!
The disgusting photos quickly spread, and people everywhere said that these two people have problems themselves, they are uniting, and want to borrow Ye Qingwu’s reputation to give themselves a lot of enthusiasm!
“Too disgusting? Two big men, shameless!”
“They didn’t mean that they were all Ye Qingwu’s boyfriends, how…”
“What’s the matter with Guan Ye Qingwu? These are obviously two shameless people. They are so hot that they pour dirty water on my goddess!”
“Have you seen Ye Qingwu come out and say more than half a word? The clear one will clear himself!”
On the Internet, it is already boiling.
More and more people have realized that this is basically the most common hot routine in the entertainment industry, which makes them feel sick.
In particular, the unclear relationship between the two men makes them angry!
Are they still human when they frame Ye Qingwu like this?
The rumors soon stopped being self-defeating, and everyone’s attention was directly shifted to attacking the two shameless male artists. The overwhelming verbal abuse made it difficult for the company where the two male artists were located.
“Waste! Useless things!”
In an entertainment company in the north, a woman yelled at the phone, “It can’t be done for such a small hour. Why should I support you?”
“Don’t call me again, you can handle it yourself!”
She slapped the phone, and the powder makeup on her face almost fell off because of the shaking.
“Lin really has some patience, the reaction is so fast,”
The woman sneered, “Even my grandson family dare to bully, really when my grandson family is no one? I will let you pay the price! You offend not only the grandson family, but also me! Humph.”
This time she failed, but it doesn’t mean that she will give up and only have more fierce revenge!

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