Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 464

Liu Xiaodao was not polite and sat down directly.
The injury on his body was not completely healed, but at least his actions did not have much impact.
“what do you want me to do!”
He is straight to the point and doesn’t say a word of nonsense.
From the day Jiang Ning went to the hospital to see him and told him those things, Liu Xiaodao made a decision.
“How to do it is what you want, I want a little bit,”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “I want the water in the underground circle of Shenghai to be completely muddy!”
A sharp light flashed in Liu Xiaodao’s eyes.
He knows Jiang Ning’s strength very well. This powerful and unmatched man carries a terrifying aura that makes people naturally fearful.
But this Shenghai is not that simple!
“I must remind you,”
Liu Xiaodao said, “There are a lot of big powers in the Shenghai underground circle, and there are even more masters. Not to mention the Gao family and the Zuo family, but the Su family alone should not be underestimated!”
“This Su family is rumored to have been created by a hall master of the Qingmen a hundred years ago. The foundation in the underground circle of Shenghai is very deep. The second master Su, who is the second son of the Su family, is not easy to deal with!”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, and said lightly, “It’s too easy to die, so what’s the point?”
Liu Xiaodao’s heart beat violently.
It’s crazy!
Jiang Ning is really crazy!
Jiang Ning said it lightly. He didn’t see it at all. Jiang Ning had a trace of fear on his face. This guy clearly didn’t put the Su family in his eyes.
But he has seen Jiang Ning’s strength, Jiang Ning has the qualifications of madness.
“Last time you spared Su Mingquan, he didn’t remember your favor,”
Liu Xiaodao said, “The Su family, I just feel that you are the East China Sea jealous of the Su family, so you dare not kill Su Mingquan!”
“They are already secretly preparing to deal with you.”
“That’s even better.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
He likes it. There are people like this who are not afraid of death, and they send them to the door by themselves, so that they can have fun.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s tone, Liu Xiaodao knew that Jiang Ning was ready to do it, and there would be no turning back, and Jiang Ning was determined to win!
He picked up the cup of tea Jiang Ning handed him and drank it straight away.
Immediately got up: “Wait for my news!”
After speaking, he opened the door, looked around carefully, made sure that no one was followed, and left quickly.
“Is this person credible, brother.”
Huang Yuming’s investigation of Liu Xiaodao is already very clear, but humans, animals, are too difficult to control.
Jiang Ning glanced at the empty teacup and said, “I never believed him. This is also a step in my plan.”
Jiang Ning’s understanding and control of human nature is amazing.
Even this point was in his calculations, taking one step and looking at three steps, even if Liu Xiaodao had other plans in his mind, Jiang Ning had already expected it.
The more he wanted to get out of the waves, the happier Jiang Ning became.
What Jiang Ning feared the most was that Liu Xiaodao didn’t have any ideas, and he did everything according to his own ideas, but obviously, it was impossible for people like Liu Xiaodao.
This storm in the underground circle of Shenghai is coming soon.
When the time comes, blood will flow into a river, how many people will disappear from this world?
Well, at least those who deserved it should disappear.
“You guys are ready for fun.”
Jiang Ning picked up the teacup and said lightly.
Leaving the teahouse, Liu Xiaodao got into a black car, drove to a quiet place, changed to a gray car, and then took off his sunglasses and hat.
Those eyes were full of indifference and viciousness!
He has ascertained the cause of his sister’s death, which was tortured to death by that bastard Su Mingquan!
He must avenge this grudge.
Moreover, he wouldn’t be willing to help Jiang Ning, so why?
He also hated Jiang Ning. He would not trust anyone, let alone do anything for anyone. If Jiang Ning was not too powerful, Liu Xiaodao would have killed him long ago.
Since he can’t kill him, there will always be someone who can kill Jiang Ning!

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