Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 465

Su family.
Since Su Mingquan was taught by Jiang Ning and almost died outside, Su Bowen gave orders to not let Su Mingquan go out in the near future.
He is at home and he is almost suffocated!
Can’t go out to drink wine, can’t go out to play, Su Mingquan, where can he stand it?
He was lying on the bed, turning over and over, feeling that his body was about to catch fire.
If he held back like this, he felt that his lower body would explode.
Su Mingquan immediately took out his cell phone and dialed the number.
“Wait to pick me up at the back door of my house, don’t make any noise!”
After hanging up the phone, Su Mingquan got up, changed his clothes, walked into the hall, did not see Su Bowen, asked the butler, and learned that Su Bowen had a reception tonight, he was relieved that he would not be back so early.
“Little sisters, your third brother Su is here!”
Su Mingquan sneaked to the back door, saw no one noticed, and immediately turned out. Not far away, a gray car was waiting there.
He immediately opened the door and got in. Liu Xiaodao had been waiting for a long time.
“Go to the rich!”
That nightclub is the one he visits most often. There are so many ways to play inside, all of which he likes.
After abruptly suffocating for a long time, he was almost suffocated!
Liu Xiaodao glanced at the rearview mirror and said in a low voice.
Su Ming didn’t see it, there was a trace of cruelty flashing in those eyes!
The wealthy nightclub.
It can be regarded as very famous in Shenghai. In a street of nightclubs, this nightclub can also be regarded as the top three places.
More importantly, the owner behind this store is his second brother Su Mingquan, a terrifying man nicknamed Su Erye on the beach!
At the entrance of the nightclub, in a row of parking spaces, there are all luxury cars parked, and cars below the million level are not even qualified to park here.
Many beautifully dressed women, passing by here, can’t help but take out their mobile phones and take a few photos, imagining that they have the opportunity to stage a story about meeting Prince Charming.
It’s just that they don’t even know that the prince never rides a horse, just wants to ride them.
“Boom boom boom——”
Su Mingquan got out of the car and took Liu Xiaodao into the shop. Just walking in, the deafening music made people’s eardrums noisy.
“Three young masters!”
The nightclub manager’s sharp eyes saw Su Mingquan at a glance, and he hurried forward.
“Don’t tell my brother.”
Su Mingquan said immediately, “You are not allowed to tell my dad.”
“rest assured.”
The nightclub manager smiled, and naturally knew what kind of person the third young master of the Su family was, “Return the original box to the third young master?”
Su Ming nodded in satisfaction.
He leaned to the manager’s ear: “Recently, are there any new chicks? I’m tired of playing with little stars. I want pure ones now.
The manager nodded and said, “What the third young master wants, I have already prepared it, you go to the box, and I will send it to you in a while.”
Su Mingquan took Liu Xiaodao into his special box. He seemed to be liberated. He lost his suit jacket, pulled off his collar, and sat on the sofa cursing.
“It’s so fucking suffocated for me! Knife, drink!”
He yelled, “Hurry up, it’s dwindling!”
Liu Xiaodao didn’t speak, and took out Su Mingquan’s favorite wine from the wine cabinet, opened it to him, and immediately stood aside without saying a word.
In Su Mingquan’s eyes, he was just a dog, and he would come and go, but he had no qualifications to play with Su Mingquan.
“Why haven’t you come yet?”
Su Mingquan couldn’t wait any longer, his body was on fire, and his whole body was about to burn, so he couldn’t bear it anymore.
Two glasses of wine are going to burst into flames!
“Go remind!”
Without even looking at Liu Xiaodao, he poured himself a glass of wine.
Liu Xiaodao nodded, and walked around behind the sofa, “Master, I will pour the wine for you.”
Su Mingquan snorted, then withdrew his hand, leaning on the sofa, the feeling of being served by someone was naturally very refreshing.
Suddenly, his face changed drastically, and he wanted to turn his head, but he felt that his physical strength was getting smaller and smaller!

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