Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 467

Several women screamed, their three souls and seven souls were so frightened that they ran out screaming.
The manager is even more out of luck!
Su Mingquan is dead!
The third young master of the Su family died in this nightclub. He, the nightclub manager, must be finished!
“Three young masters! Three young masters!”
He yelled a few times, but Su Mingquan still responded, even his body temperature was about to dissipate.
The knife still penetrated the sofa, pierced Su Mingquan’s heart, and nailed him to death on the sofa. It was frightening to look at!
The whole nightclub was in chaos.
Screams, screams, and roars continued to sound.
Followed by hurried footsteps, security guards, emergency personnel, nightclub store managers, and safety managers… all ran in panic.
At the same time.
Liu Xiaodao has long since left the giant nightclub.
He drove the car and headed directly towards Zuo’s house.
In the passenger seat was Su Mingquan’s cell phone. He found the number of Zuo Sizhe, the young master of the Zuo family, and sent a text message without making a call.
He was sure that as long as he saw this newsletter, Zuo Sizhe would definitely go out, and he would not bring a personal guard.
At that time.
Left home.
As the youngest of the seven children of the Zuo family, Zuo Sizhe is only 19 years old this year, but he is already famous in the Shenghai Night Market.
He and Su Mingquan are two recognized nightclub princes. They can play and dare to play. I don’t know how many times they fought in secret, and they even formed friendship.
Even if the Zuo family and the Su family are competing with each other, it doesn’t affect the two of them often looking for flowers and asking Liu together.
Last time, Zuo Sizhe took the initiative to make an appointment with Su Mingquan, and the two of them were in the box at the same time to show off their prowess, but in the end Zuo Sizhe still lost in experience and surrendered earlier than Su Mingquan.
Su Mingquan laughed at this matter for several months, but Zuo Sizhe was not convinced.
At this moment, seeing the text message sent by Su Mingquan on the mobile phone, Zuo Sizhe felt bored just now, and he immediately became energetic.
“Hmph, I have practiced for so long, and the golden gun can’t fall. Do you think you still have such good luck?”
Zuo Sizhe is handsome and thin. He is only one meter tall and he lives on the belly of a woman all the year round. His face doesn’t seem to be energetic.
But when he thought of teaching Su Ming a lesson, Zuo Sizhe didn’t hesitate, and immediately changed his clothes and went out.
“Little master, the master confessed that he told you not to go out recently.”
Zuo Sizhe didn’t bother to bother at all. Seeing a few people trying to follow suit, his face suddenly sank, “Who dare to follow? Don’t blame me for being impolite!”
Several people looked at each other, looking at Zuo Sizhe embarrassedly.
“I just went to Su Mingquan for a drink, what can I do? Don’t follow!”
After speaking, he went out directly, seeing Su Mingquan often sitting in that car from a distance, Zuo Sizhe immediately beckoned.
Liu Xiaodao stopped the car and hurriedly got out of the car and pulled the door. He respectfully said, “Master Zuo, our young master Su, let me pick you up.”
“What about others?”
“Already drank it at a rich family, saying that I am afraid you will not come, so I specially asked me to pick it up.”
Zuo Sizhe sneered, afraid that he wouldn’t dare to go?
He stepped into the car in one step: “Drive!”
A fierce light flashed in Liu Xiaodao’s eyes, and he immediately took the driving seat and started the vehicle to leave, but instead of heading to the wealthy nightclub.

The wealthy nightclub is in chaos at the moment!
The emergency doctor arrived and was unable to recover.
Su Mingquan’s heart was directly pierced, and by the time the manager discovered it, a long time had passed, and he couldn’t die anymore.
When he got the news, Su Mingchang hurried over, ignoring what he was doing.
His own younger brother died on his own territory, he, as an older brother, was almost crazy!

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