Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 468

He slapped the manager on the face and roared, “What the hell is going on! How could my brother die! You can tell me clearly!”
He was furious, and none of the people present dared to gasp.
The third young master of the Su family was dead, and he died in the Su family’s own shop. It was like a bomb, thrown into the deep water, and suddenly a huge wave was set off.
“I…I don’t know!”
The night manager knelt on the ground, trembling all over, his face turned white.
“The Third Young Master said that he was holding back at home and he wanted to have some fun. I made arrangements for him…Where did I think that the Third Young Master would be killed by someone!”
He wanted to cry without tears, and suddenly remembered something, “It’s that Liu Xiaodao! The Third Young Master only took him! He is gone!”
Su Mingchang’s face was pale, and his whole body exuded a strong murderous intent.
“Let me take a closer look! Ask everything you know!”
He yelled, turned his head and looked at his men, “You guys, get me back Liu Xiaodao!”
The death of the third young master of the Su Family shook the entire Shenghai instantly.
No one thought that in a place like Shenghai, there would still be people who would dare to kill the Su family.
Who doesn’t know the horror of the three big families?
Soon, the news spread, and people were everywhere, searching for Liu Xiaodao’s whereabouts, and learned from the night club manager that the most likely person who killed Su Mingquan was Liu Xiaodao!
And now, Liu Xiaodao’s whereabouts are unknown!
Su family.
Su Bowen flushed and slapped Su Mingchang’s face with a slap.
“That’s your brother! Died in your place, you still have the face to come back!”
He roared, his body trembling.
Su Mingchang gritted his teeth: “I’ll catch Liu Xiaodao that bastard dog back and take it away!”
But what’s the use?
Su Mingquan is dead!
“what happened!”
Su Bowen’s face was calm, and he faintly felt that things couldn’t be that simple.
In this Shenghai, few people don’t know how powerful the three major families are. Even if they resent the Su family, who would dare to easily kill Su Mingquan so cruelly.
Isn’t he afraid of Su’s revenge?
“Then Liu Xiaodao said, Mingquan made an appointment with Zuo Sizhe for a drink of flower wine, and he went to pick Zuo Sizhe…”
“what did you say?”
Su Bowen’s eyes shrank suddenly, “Zuojia?”
“I told Su Mingquan long ago, don’t get too close to the Zuo family! He just doesn’t listen!”
Su Mingchang’s face changed: “Dad, you mean, it was Zuo’s hand?”
“My Su family wants to go further. The Zuo family and the Gao family are naturally unwilling, especially the Zuo family, who has secretly confronted our Su family several times, and resentment has long been born.”
Su Bowen took a deep breath, his anger to the extreme.
He told Su Mingquan not to go out at will, because the Zuo family is likely to start, so the Zuo family also did not let Zuo Sizhe go out at will.
Su Mingquan’s death has something to do with Zuo Sizhe, and then Zuo Family can’t get rid of it!
“Hmph, if it’s Zuo Jia’s hand, then I will smooth Zuo Jia!”
Su Mingchang said coldly.
“Check! Find me Liu Xiaodao, you must find him!” Su Bowen ordered coldly.
At that time.
Sitting on the hotel balcony, Jiang Ning was expressionless looking at the dark Sheng Beach at night.
“Big Brother, Su Mingquan is dead.”
Huang Yuming stood by, and he kept staring at the news, “Liu Xiaodao took Zuo Sizhe away. I am afraid that Zuo Sizhe will not survive.”
“This underground circle of Shenghai is going to be in chaos.”

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