Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 47

Jiang Ning seemed to be walking in the back garden of his own home, calmly, without the slightest tension on his face.
He stepped in, and the black dragon stood up all at once!
“The one who abolished my brother, is it you?”
Those eyes instantly condensed a terrifying murderous aura!
The door behind him was closed, and the people in the entire hot spring club immediately surrounded the black dragon room.
A group of people are crushed in black, and their faces are fierce.
They didn’t expect that the person who abolished the black tiger would dare to come to the hot spring club alone to find death!
“Yes, it’s me.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “If you don’t teach your brother well, then I have to educate you.”
He walked to a chair, sat down on his own, and glanced back. Dozens of people had already blocked the door, staring at him coldly.
Heilong’s face was grim, as if looking at a fool.
“Huang Yuming sent you to death?”
All he can think of is this possibility.
Huang Yuming knew that he had annoyed him, so he didn’t dare to come, so he asked his subordinates to die for him?
Jiang Ning shook his head: “I am looking for you.”
He glanced at Heilong, “I want to give you a chance.”
“Give me a chance? Hahahaha!”
The black dragon is like hearing the most ridiculous joke in the world, a person who is dying, come over and tell himself, give himself a chance?
Does he need others to give himself a chance?
“Then you are telling me, what opportunity do you give me?”
The black dragon stepped forward, step by step towards Jiang Ning, full of murderous aura, his fists were pinched, his joints creaked, as if he had violent power, he couldn’t help it!
“A chance to survive.”
Jiang Ning was still sitting there, raising his head slightly, looking at the black dragon coming.
“Hahahaha, give me a chance to survive? Then you have to look at me first and give you a chance to survive!”
As soon as the voice fell, the speed of the black dragon suddenly accelerated!
A fist, violent to the extreme, hit Jiang Ning’s head directly!
With his iron fist, I don’t know how many people’s heads were smashed. Today’s Jiang Ning is also going to die under his fist.
Abolished his brother Heihu, this is the end!
The black dragon roared, almost using all his power, he wanted to see Jiang Ning’s head bloom!
However, Jiang Ning was still sitting there, just reached out a hand, and instantly clasped Heilong’s fist.
In an instant, the pupils of the black dragon shrank suddenly!
Those bastards standing around also trembled all over.
That’s how Jiang Ning caught this punch?
That’s the black dragon!
Did he catch the fist once known as the most ruthless person in the East China Sea?
“It seems that you don’t want this opportunity?”
Jiang Ning’s face was still calm, calmly causing a wave of anxiety and fear in the bottom of Black Dragon’s heart.
No one has ever been able to catch his fist…
Jiang Ning kicked it out, and Heilong had already felt it. He immediately had to raise his leg to block, but it was too late.
too fast!
With a plop, Jiang Ning kicked the black dragon on the knee, and with a click, the black dragon screamed, and immediately knelt on the ground, directly in front of Jiang Ning!
He is a fist, still being held by Jiang Ning, unable to break free!
It’s quiet now.
The whole box became quiet instantly!
The needle drop can be heard!
Heilong knelt down?
Heihu knelt down not long ago, and his legs were scrapped. Heilong just released his cruel words and wanted to scrap Huang Yuming, but now, he is kneeling in front of someone he has never seen before?
Heilong’s face was savage, and his face couldn’t help shaking. He didn’t expect that he would kneel down.
“you wanna die!”
He roared, one hand couldn’t break free, so he used the other hand to smash against Jiang Ning.
It was another kick, this time on the chest of the black dragon.
With a muffled sound, the black dragon fell directly, without knowing how many of its breast bones were broken.
The atmosphere in the entire box is even more tense.
“Give you a chance, you don’t cherish it.”
Jiang Ning got up and said, “You have so many lives on your hands that you can live to this day and you have already earned it.”
He wanted to give Black Dragon a chance to surrender and confess, but he couldn’t accept it when he wanted to come.
The black dragon fell to the ground, staring at Jiang Ning, “You, who are you!”

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