Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 475

Gao Shenghai shook his head.
The person who killed Su Mingquan and Zuo Sizhe was not his Gao family, nor was it the Su family and Zuo family. The two of them were just doing it for this reason.
Where are you willing to listen to them explain.
“The other party just wants to obliterate my Gao family, so why would they listen to us explain?”
Gao Shenghaidao said, “Shrink the industry and let what you can. Don’t conflict with them, just keep the Gao family.”
Gao Yali was angry, “They all bullied us? They’re coming!”
“As long as the Gao family is still in Shenghai, they will lose.”
Gao Shenghai said lightly.
He turned his head and glanced, suddenly his expression changed: “Where is your brother?”
Gao Yali’s heart moved: “This silly boy, don’t you know how to make a move?”
“Bring him back immediately!”
Gao Shenghai said coldly.
Gao Yali ran out immediately.
Things suddenly become like this, the underground circle of Shenghai will definitely be in chaos.
The Su family and the Zuo family were not practicing to form an alliance. While dealing with themselves, they must also guard against and deal with each other.
They are all old foxes.
Gao Shenghai took out his cell phone and dialed a number, and soon it was connected over there.
“Is there something wrong with the north side?”
Gao Shenghai asked, “My side is going to be messed up.”
“As long as your branch is still in prosperity, then we won’t lose, hold on.”
On the other side of the phone, a hoarse voice came, there was a moment of silence, and then he said, “I have wronged you all these years.”
Gao Shenghai didn’t say much, he hung up the phone, the ruthless light in his eyes gradually became stronger and stronger!
“In the dark, this hand is really powerful.”
He murmured, his eyes were far-reaching, as if he saw a huge palm in the north, controlling everything!
At that time.
Gaojia is in an industry.
The loud shout, like a huge thunder, instantly exploded.
A figure madly like a war dragon, holding an iron rod in both hands, rushed into the crowd, and smashed it crazily.

The iron rods were too domineering, and they were so powerful that each rod directly smashed a person on the ground and could no longer stand up.
“Dare to come to the site of my Gao family to make trouble! Seek death!”
“Die to me!”
“Go away!”
The humanoid tyrannosaurus, as if tirelessly, was fierce with a long stick, hitting a person’s shoulder with a click, and the bones were broken directly!
The long sticks in his hands were all shaken off his hands, but the man still didn’t stop!
“Retreat! Retreat!”
Several people in the Su family shouted loudly, still being beaten so that they had no idea of ​​doing anything more.
The man in front of him is simply a lunatic!
“Where are you going back!”
At the door, Gao Yali brought people in, and directly blocked the door. With a wave of his hand, “Don’t let go of any of them!”
But in two minutes, no one from the Su family could still stand.
Everyone was smashed and screamed again and again.
“Tell the Su family, if you dare to make trouble on the site of my Gao family, I will hit your Su family and kill you all!”
Gao Binsen’s cold eyes, seeing the people of the Su family, one by one was frightened!
This terrifying man, this terrifying man known as Wu Chi, is really terrible.
“Dad let you go home.”
Gao Yali walked over and looked at Gao Bin’s muscles. It was clear that if he was hit with a stick, he would be crippled if he didn’t die, and when others hit him, it was like a tickling.
My own little brother of martial arts has no interest in power, wealth, or status except for martial arts training.
Even the future leader of the Gao family will be inherited by her sister.
“go back?”
Gao Bin gritted his teeth, “Others have bullied us, let me go back? I want to kill them all! Even if the two old thieves from Zuo Tian and Su Bowu come, I will do the same!”
“This matter, someone is behind the scenes, I already have some clues.”
Gao Yali said, “Dad won’t let us control, but this time, I don’t want to listen to him.”
She has already got some clues. Before Liu Xiaodao died, she personally admitted that it was not the Gao family, but someone else. It was just that the Su family and Zuo family wanted to take this opportunity to attack the Gao family and deliberately blockade them. News!
No matter how much Gao Bin has, he will kill anyone who dares to seek death and cause their Gao family to suffer heavy losses!
“Donghai, Jiangning!”
Gao Yali’s eyes were cold, “He is in Shenghai now!”

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