Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 477

Gao Bin took a few people and rushed in directly, without seeing any of them, he was suddenly a little confused.
Then Jiang Ning, did he run away?
But the people in the hotel, did they also run away?
Several people rushed upstairs, and soon—
Several people rolled down from upstairs again.
Gao Bin’s face suddenly sank.
When he looked up, Brother Dog was standing at the top of the stairs, staring at him condescendingly, and shouted angrily: “Where is the mess, dare to disturb my eldest brother drinking tea!”
“you wanna die!”
Gao Bin pointed to Brother Gou, “Is Jiang Ning here!”
Hearing Gao Bin calling Jiang Ning’s name directly, Gou’s face sank, and a few figures around him flashed, and the second, sixth, seventh, and ninth child all appeared!
Several people are staring at Gao Bin, their eyes are like evil wolves!
Even Gao Bin, a martial idiot, like a madman, couldn’t help but shrink his eyes, and felt a trace of terrifying murderous aura from the bodies of Brother Gou!
Is a master!
Gao Bin had a judgment immediately.
It seems that Jiangning is not an ordinary person, and Donghai dared to call it a forbidden place, and he didn’t rely on blowing it out.
But Gao Bin has no fear at all!
“Jiangning, is it upstairs!”
He burst into a loud shout, and the whole hall was reverberating and rumbling.
Seeing that Gou and a few people were silent, Gao Bin stomped on his big feet and rushed directly up the stairs. The iron rod swept towards Gou and the others!
“Don’t tell me, then I will fight it myself!”
On the side of Brother Gou’s body, avoiding the iron rod, the iron rod smashed on the guardrail, and the guardrail burst open in an instant!
“What a terrible power!”
Brother Gou was surprised.
Is this guy a lunatic!
If such a terrifying force is hit, the bones must be smashed.
Such a guy dared to attack and kill Jiang Ning, and Gou and several people instantly entered a state of battle, ready to use battle formation techniques to jointly kill this guy!
Several people exchanged their eyes, and they were about to do it immediately.
“Let him come up.”
Suddenly, there was a voice at the entrance of the corridor.
Huang Yuming stood there and said lightly, “Brother let him come up.”
Brother Gou loosened his fist, his eyes gradually shrunk, letting go.
Gao Bin squinted his eyes, stared at Brother Dog, and said loudly, “Don’t go, I solved Jiang Ning, and I’ll fight you again!”
In his opinion, these people are Jiang Ning’s bodyguards, they are indeed very strong, and they seem to have a combined battle formation technique. If you meet such a person, if you don’t fight a game, you will miss it in vain.
Brother Gou just sneered.
Kill Jiangning?
Just this savage guy in front of him, still want to kill his eldest brother?
Gao Bin went straight upstairs, without even looking at someone like Huang Yuming who had no power to restrain the chicken, and walked straight to Jiang Ning, who was sitting in the lobby on the second floor and was drinking tea leisurely.
Gao Bin, who was two meters tall, stepped on the floor with his big feet, making a dull noise.
He held an iron rod, pointed at Jiang Ning, and shouted, “You are Jiang Ning? I want to kill you!”
Jiang Ning slowly picked up the tea cup, placed it in front of his nose, smelled the tea, took a sip and then put it down.
It seemed that Jiang Ning didn’t care at all when someone came to kill him.
Then, he raised his head and glanced at Gao Bin.
“kill me?”
“You can not.”
Gao Bin didn’t talk nonsense at all, he let out a low growl, raised the iron rod with both hands, and rushed directly towards Jiangning.
The violent power was all on top of those two iron rods, and hit Jiang Ning’s head fiercely!

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