Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 479

After speaking, he ignored it.
Gao Bin didn’t say anything, and immediately rushed to the Gao family with someone.
The people from the Su family and the Zuo family dared to kill the Gao family directly, they were looking for death!
No one thought that the Su Family and Zuo Family were so crazy.
They had no intention of slowly devouring the Gao family at all. At first they had an excuse to do something, so they had to go all out and destroy the Gao family directly!
And the Gao family, the most powerful master, is Gao Bin, this terrifying monster with infinite power.
Even a martial arts master close to the master level can hardly resist.
But now, it is the Su family and the Zuo family joining forces!
Zuo Tian and Su Bowu are two people, the two are comparable in strength to Can Jian, close to the master’s master.
A figure flew out horizontally, and there was no sound in the air.
The gate of the Gao family was kicked open!
Zuo Tian stepped in and said loudly, “Gao Shenghai, are you ready to die? Hahahaha!”
“You killed my descendants of the Zuo family, this blood feud, I will report today!”
He didn’t even want to wait two more days.
“And my Su family!”
With another scream, Subowu grabbed one of Gao’s subordinates in his hands, and with a click, he broke his neck directly!
“Killing my descendants of the Su family, I can’t wait to avenge him for this hatred!”
Two masters appear at the same time, who can stop the Gao family?
“Protect the Patriarch!”
Gao Yali shouted loudly. A dozen masters around him immediately surrounded Gao Shenghai.
She gritted her silver teeth, looked at Zuo Tian and Su Bowu warily, and shouted, “Su family and Zuo family, so impatient, do you want to destroy my Gao family!”
“Could it be that you are not afraid to offend the Gao family in the north and our clan!”
“Huh, little girl, it’s useless to threaten us.”
Zuo Tian said with disdain, “The Gao family in the north, it’s not bad that you can defend yourself.”
“This Shenghai does not require the existence of large families in the north. This is not in compliance with the rules.”
Gao Yali snorted angrily.
Sure enough, all of this was a conspiracy. The Su Family and Zuo Family had long wanted to destroy the Gao Family and let this Shenghai become their spokesperson family.
This is the rule of the game for those families with northern names.
Their Gao family obviously broke this rule, so they were dissatisfied!
“You two, who are you going to run for?”
Gao Shenghai looked at the two people, looking very calm.
The two masters close to the master level did it themselves. His Gao family is in a bit of trouble today.
The northern Gaojia clan did not send a master, and Gao Bin is not there at the moment. Who can deal with them?
Originally, the three families had masters in their own hands. They did not offend each other’s wells. They stood on three sides, and no one dared to do things easily.
But now, the Su family and Zuo family have found an excuse to join forces, how could they let go of this peerless opportunity to kill the Gao family.
“Say so much what to do.”
Su Bowu stared at Gao Shenghai, squinting his eyes and said, “Killing pays for life, it is justified!”
“Your Gao family, kill my Su family and Zuo family descendants, then I will kill your Gao family today and avenge them!”
As soon as the voice fell, Subowu rushed out, as fast as lightning!
“Stop him!”
Gao Yali burst out, “Protect the Patriarch!”
A dozen masters all swept over.
And Zuo Tian moved too, a dozen masters split into two sides, not even opponents.
Su Bowu laughed, “Zuo Tian, ​​don’t grab it with me!”

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