Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 48

Jiang Ning walked over and stepped on it!
The black dragon screamed and his hands were broken!
“I’m just a cleaner.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “Specially to clean up rubbish like you.”
Two feet, the legs of the black dragon, were also scrapped.
The scoundrels around are creepy!
Who is Jiang Ning and how could he be so terrible?
He abolished the black tiger, and now he just abolished the black dragon? Even his face was calm from beginning to end, without blinking his eyes!
The black dragon twitched, “Kill me! You killed me!”
“You are not qualified to die in my hands.”
Jiang Ning turned around, “After you are abolished, hate your enemies, they will find you.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning looked at the bastards who were standing at the door with sticks in their hands, and a look in his eyes crushed a group of people, and he was all terrified.
It seemed that it was not they surrounding Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning alone, surrounding them all!
Who dared to stop, one by one, one after another, stood far away, each of them pale with fright, and even their throats were dry!
so horrible!
The black dragon, known as the most ruthless person, had no power to defend himself in front of Jiang Ning. He said he would kneel and was beaten to the ground in less than half a minute. What kind of terrifying monster is this?
Heilong was still screaming on the ground, but he couldn’t move. He knew that he was finished, and he had so many enemies. He was definitely better than dead if he only came to the door!
But now, he can’t even commit suicide.
Jiang Ning ignored it, and walked straight away, walked to the door, and suddenly stopped, scaring a group of people shivering, and they almost couldn’t stand still.
He turned his head, his eyes swept across, like a sharp blade, people didn’t dare to look directly at it!
“Being a good person can live longer.”
After speaking, his figure disappeared, and the terrifying pressure disappeared in an instant.
Soon, everyone was amnesty, no matter what the black dragon had been crippled, they lost their clubs and fled in panic, for fear that Jiang Ning would come back again.
Even if they don’t be good people, they will definitely not dare to do evil in the East China Sea!
Overnight, the hot spring club collapsed and closed.
At that time.
Huang Yuming is in a meeting, a meeting in the underground circle.
Several big guys sat in a circle, all looking at Huang Yuming meaningfully.
“Keep your head down, it’s no big deal, everyone is in the same circle, and the black dragon will at least not kill you.”
“Abolish his brother, you dare to do it at a loss, don’t you know who that madman is?”
“You have sold so many properties, and we have gained a lot of benefits. We will naturally help you with some favors.”
All of them were persuading Huang Yuming to lower his head and knelt down to apologize to Heilong.
Huang Yuming bowed his head, they can get more!
However, Huang Yuming sat there, looking indifferent from beginning to end.
He lit a cigarette, exhaled the smoke, and squinted at the crowd.
“A bug scared you like this?”
A bug?
Several big guys looked at Huang Yuming, wondering if this guy was frightened and stupid, or he broke the jar?
He dare to say that the black dragon is a worm!
With these words alone, with the temper of the black dragon, he would never die with Huang Yuming.
“Huang Yuming, there is still room for relaxation. You don’t have to break the jar.”
A big boss said, “Show your sincerity, and everyone can help you.”
“Yes, they are all people in the same circle. There is no need to die and die. What age are you now?”
The other person also spoke.
Huang Yuming glanced around, looking at these people, it was obvious that he could see the greed on their faces.
Where are they trying to help themselves, one by one can’t wait to erode all of their industries.
“I said, are you deaf or dumb?”
Huang Yuming said again, “A bug, I am Huang, I have never looked into it.”
This sentence made everyone frowned.
Huang Yuming is crazy!
“If you call me just to talk about the bug, then don’t say it anymore. I’m very busy and I don’t have time to waste time with you here.”

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