Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 481

“call out!”
“call out!”
The two people seemed to suddenly become in harmony, one left and the other right, one after the other, directly rushing away.
Gao Shenghaisi was not afraid, with one enemy two, and instantly fought against Zuo Tian and Sub Bowu.
Three masters fight together, earth-shattering!
Gao Shenghai’s strength is even higher than the other two.
Even if Zuo Tian joined forces with Subowu, faintly still fell short.
very scary!
Gao Yali was dumbfounded.
She didn’t even know that her father was so powerful, he had never shown his strength in front of her.
Seeing the three people fighting fiercely in front of him, Gao Yali was still worried.
The two masters of the Su family and the Zuo family were both powerful players close to the master level. Gao Shenghai had one enemy and two, and he would be exhausted in the end.
“Gao Bin! Where are you! Why haven’t you come back!”
She was anxious.
If Gao Bin is still here, at least Gao Shenghai has a helping hand, and the pressure will be much less.
She shouldn’t have told Gao Bin that Jiangning is Shenghai’s business.
Suddenly, Gao Yali’s heart trembled. The source of this news is probably a trap!
The people in Su’s and Zuo’s family deliberately revealed it?
Too ruthless!
They had already been right. Once Gao Bin knew the news, he would definitely go to Jiang Ning to inquire about it, so as to take this opportunity to kill the Gao family in a big way.
Damn it!
Too insidious!
Gao Yali watched her father fight with the two, but she couldn’t help at all.
She can only expect Gao Bin to come back quickly, otherwise, the Gao family will be really in trouble tonight!
Gao Shenghai slapped the two people at the same time, and after sliding for a long time, he stabilized his figure, his complexion flushed, and he gritted his teeth to prevent the boiling blood from spraying out.
“Hahaha, Gao Shenghai, Gao Shenghai, I didn’t expect you to hide so deep,”
Su Bowu laughed, “If I fight you alone, I’m afraid I will die!”
“It’s a pity, in the end tonight, the person who died will be you!”
He looked at each other with Zuo Tian, ​​and he was very shocked. Gao Shenghai was too strong. Whether it was either of them, fighting Gao Shenghai alone would be a dead end.
Fortunately, the two people joined hands.
“Don’t talk nonsense, kill him immediately, otherwise the savage will come back and things will be even more troublesome!”
Gao Bin hasn’t returned yet, they deliberately released the news, knowing that once Gao Bin learns that Jiang Ning is related to this matter, he will definitely go to Jiang Ning to ask about it because of his temper.
Take this opportunity to destroy the Gao family!
They didn’t expect Gao Shenghai to hide so deeply. Fortunately, the two of them came together, otherwise it would be his Su family and Zuo family who would eventually fall!
The two people no longer have the slightest reservation, and burst out their strongest strength.
The ultimate move is complete!
Fists and feet, making a loud noise!
The violent fighting made Gao Yali more and more frightened.
Zuo Tian and Su Bowu both had hidden strength.
She was worried, but she wanted to help, but she couldn’t help at all.
A master of this level fights, she can’t get in at all.
“Gao Bin! Gao Bin, where are you!”
She was so anxious that her eyes were red, clenching her fists, staring at the fight between Gao Shenghai and Subowu, her heart was hanging up, and she couldn’t calm down.
Suddenly, Zuo Tian made a sneak attack and smashed Gao Shenghai’s chest with a fist. Immediately, the two men took advantage of Gao Shenghai to reveal their flaws.

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