Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 483

The news spread quickly.
The result was one death and two injuries.
No one thought that Gao Shenghai would hide so deeply.
Both the Su family and the Zuo family had speculated that they knew that the Gao family definitely still had a master, but they had never seen it before. Unexpectedly, it was Gao Shenghai.
There are two masters in the Gao family. If you wait for Gao Bin to grow up, it will be even more difficult to destroy the Gao family.
Until the two masters returned home, they still had lingering fears.
The head of the Gao family, Gao Shenghai, died, and the entire Gao family suffered heavy casualties. All of this only happened within a short period of time.
The news was delivered to Jiang Ning the first time.
He had expected it a long time ago.
From the moment he went to the hospital to find Liu Xiaodao and asked him to tear open the hole in the underground circle of Shenghai, all this was within Jiang Ning’s expectation.
“Gao Shenghai is dead, and Su Bowu and Zuo Tian are injured,”
Huang Yuming took a deep breath, “I didn’t expect this Gao Shenghai to be a master, hiding too deeply.”
“How is the Gao family now?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“A full contraction will give up everything that can be done. Gao Yali is now in control of the overall situation and is holding a funeral for Gao Shenghai. I am afraid that it will be reported to the revival family and the Zuo family soon.”
His eyes moved, “Brother, are we going to do it.”
Waiting for this day, Jiang Ning should have been waiting for some days.
Jiang Ning’s plan to go north, this Shenghai is a vital part, he is the big hand, in control of everything!
“No hurry, the water is not muddy enough.”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “The water is not muddy enough, and some big fish will not come out.”
This time, only Gao Shenghai came out. The northern shadow behind the Su family and the Zuo family hadn’t moved yet.
If Jiang Ning wants to do it, he must uproot these people and all their networks!
Huang Yuming nodded: “I understand, the old eight will be in Shenghai tomorrow.”
“Well, it’s coming soon.”
Jiang Ning looked at Shenghai in the night, “Soon, this place will become more beautiful.”
A hint of meaning flashed in his eyes.
“North, the person staring at me, this time, I will take the initiative to let you see me, then what will you do next?”
The movement in Shenghai is so big that it is impossible for the north to not notice it. Especially, the East China Sea is involved. As long as it is a caring person, it is not difficult to find that there is a shadow of its own.
Especially that person, who hides extremely deeply and controls everything secretly, even those so-called big family families are just tools in his hands.
Now, Jiang Ning’s hand is just to tear the darkness and pull the opponent out!
“Let’s go.”
Jiang Ning got up and said lightly, “Gao Shenghai died. It’s a pity to speak of it. In Shenghai, he is also considered a person of high morals. Since we are in Shenghai, we should go to express our condolences.”
The Gao family was immersed in grief.
The three major clan battles have come to an end, with one death and two injuries, shocking the entire Shenghai.
Everyone knows that this is not over, or even just the beginning!
Gao Shenghai was dead, and Zuo Tian and Su Bowu, the two masters, were also injured. The Gao family still has a madman, Gao Bin, who will not wait too late for revenge.
But today, the Gao family has only one thing, a funeral for Gao Shenghai.
Throughout Shenghai, many celebrities from all walks of life came to visit, regardless of the above-ground circle or the underground circle, many people came to express their condolences.
The Gao family has been in Shenghai for so many years and has a very wide network of contacts. If something like this happens, the Patriarch will die. Some people worry that the Gao family will be devastated and be annexed by the Su family and the Zuo family.
But those who know the details of the Gao family will not worry, after all, the Gao family in Shenghai is just a branch of the northern Gao family.
The tree behind it is big enough, how can it be knocked down by ordinary people?
“Second bow!”
“Three bows!”
“Family answer!”
The sadness and joy made people feel heavy. Gao Yali and Gao Bin knelt in front of the mourning hall and kowtow to those who came to express their condolences.
Gao Bin didn’t say a word, knelt there with his head down, with a murderous air on his face!
He wants revenge!
I wanted to wait for the people from the Su and Zuo family to be killed before giving Gao Shenghai a funeral, but Gao Yali did not agree.
Now, it is Gao Yali who is the head of the family, and her sister has the final say.
“Ali, don’t be too sad, sorrow.”
An elder walked up to Gao Yali and Gao Bin and sighed, “When things have reached this point, you two brothers and sisters should also think about retreat.”
Gao Bin suddenly raised his head and glared at him!

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