Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 49

Huang Yuming got up, took a look at them, and sneered, “If the courage is small, go out to see the world more often, stay in the East China Sea, the more dull and silly.”
After speaking, he went out.
Someone wanted to stand up and call him, but was stopped by others.
“Dare to talk to us like this?”
“If we hadn’t taken over his property, could he raise money to apologize to the black dragon?”
They received these properties at the lowest price, and thought they had given Huang Yuming so much kindness. Everyone knew that they were just taking advantage of the fire.
“Forget it, someone who is going to die sooner or later, he is arrogant and renounced.”
“If you provoke a madman like the black dragon, Huang Yuming will have to peel off his skin if he doesn’t die!”
“I heard that the black dragon is in the provincial capital, who has already followed?”
Several big guys looked at each other with a little jealousy in their eyes.
The black dragon who was once just a lunatic, known as the number one ruthless person, is not very much in the eyes of everyone, but now the black dragon and that one, the situation is completely different.
None of them wanted to offend the black dragon.
Therefore, Huang Yuming abolished the Black Tiger, and the Black Dragon would never let him go. They could not wait to take advantage of the fire and take away those properties under Huang Yuming.
At the door, one of the bosses’ men came in with a serious expression on his face.
“what’s up?”
The big guy frowned, and so many big guys are here, his men are a little bit ignorant.
“problem occurs.”
The subordinate said, “The hot spring club is closed.”
The gangster was still holding a cigarette in his mouth, and he was shocked at the moment, the ashes fell, and he burned a hole in his own clothes!
“The black dragon disappeared. Some people said that they saw his enemy coming and dragged him away like a dead dog. The whole hot spring club was in chaos and closed down!”
The meeting room suddenly fell silent.
No one speaks.
One by one looked at the people around him, hoping to see some information from their faces, but everyone had an incredible expression.
The hot spring club closed down overnight?
The black dragon also fell?
It has only been three days since he came back to Donghai!
“What’s the situation with the black dragon?”
The big guy still couldn’t help but ask.
“I don’t know, but it is said that all four limbs were interrupted and they became useless.”
I didn’t know who it was, and took a breath, feeling a chill in his back.
Was this ruthless person abolished?
The two brothers, Heilong and Heihu, have been abolished!
“Huang Yuming!”
Several people looked at each other, and suddenly remembered that what Huang Yuming had just said, a bug, he didn’t even look at it!
How dare he be so mad?
This matter must have something to do with him.
“Unexpectedly, Huang Yuming has such a powerful master. It seems that we underestimated him.”
One snorted, “But why did he sell all his properties? Would rather lose money and sell, really not to raise money to apologize to the black dragon?”
The black dragons have been abandoned, so what are they doing to raise money?
A group of people fell into silence. Suspected that the enemy of the Black Dragon came to the door. Suspected that Huang Yuming had done it, but they couldn’t explain why Huang Yuming sold his gray industry.
At that time, Huang Yuming also got the news in a Bentley car.
Even if he knew it for a long time, his heart still slammed.
It’s so fierce!
Jiang Ning is so fierce!
No one can stop the power of a punch.
He took a deep breath and became more determined in his heart. He must follow Jiang Ning closely. Even if he died, he must not be an enemy of Jiang Ning, because it would definitely be worse than death!
“Notify all the managers of the company, come to my place for a meeting!”
Huang Yuming said immediately, “No one can be absent.”
The task Jiang Ning gave him was for him to transfer all the serious companies he was holding to Lin Yuzhen as soon as possible.
In other words, all the industries he had worked hard over the past five years were unconditionally handed over to Lin Yuzhen.
Originally, Huang Yuming was still a little reluctant. After all, it was his thing, but now, he knows very well that it is not his thing. Since five years ago, A Fei picked him, all this was given by Jiang Ning!

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