Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 493

Gao Bin’s name has become a legend for Sheng Hai.
From then on, Shenghai had only the Gao family, and no Su family and Zuo family!
And only Gao Yali and Gao Bin’s two brothers know best.
What shit legend?
Behind this legend is a god!
No one dares to offend, the God who dare not offend!
Thinking of Jiang Ning’s terrifying power, even Gao Bin couldn’t help but shudder. He wasn’t human at all. Could human beings be so powerful?
“Sister, what are we going to do next?”
The problem that worries Gao Bin is this now.
The Su family and the Zuo family have been declining. Su Mingwei and Su Mingchang, as well as some remnants of the Zuo family, have fled to the north overnight.
Before long, this Shenghai, Su Family and Zuo Family will disappear completely.
But although the Gao family has survived, how can the future go?
If they go wrong, Jiang Ning will not give them any chance!
“Follow the Tokai’s way.”
Gao Yali thought about it all night.
She still didn’t understand what Jiang Ning wanted to do. For a man like that, it must be a big deal, not something she can guess.
However, the East China Sea has now become a forbidden place, and it has become a fast-growing city.
As long as they follow Jiang Ning’s steps, there will be no problem.
At least, it can survive.
Gao Yali knew very well that Jiang Ning did not want a spokesperson, not the rules of the game played by the northern family.
What he needs is that order is the guardian, and the guardian is the lowest and most ordinary group of people!
Jiang Ning knew everything that happened in Shenghai on the way back.
He didn’t care about the Gao family, as long as Gao Yali’s sister and brother were smart enough, he knew what to do.
“The entire Shenghai knows that now the Gao family is the most powerful, and is the well-deserved master of the underground circle of Shenghai.”
Huang Yuming said, “But no one knows, the man behind is the eldest brother.”
“Some people will still guess.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “But it doesn’t matter anymore.”
The turmoil of Shenghai in the north has caused an uproar!
It was even more shocking than the East China Sea provincial city, where Lord Fu fell and the remnant sword made a raid in the north.
The Gao family, who was clearly destined to fall, survived.
But the Su Family and Zuo Family, who jointly strangled the Gao Family, were wiped out overnight!
This is simply a miracle!
It’s unbelievable.
“What the hell is going on?”
North, Song family.
This time Sheng Hai teamed up to strangle the Gao family. The Song family knew everything, and a large part of the information was revealed to the Zuo family.
I thought that the winner was in hand, and the next step was to let the Zuo family and Su family divide Shenghai’s resources. No matter how they thought, it would suddenly become like this.
Important people in the Song family are all in the hall at the moment, with serious expressions.
Standing in front of them was Zuo Chunqiu’s third son, Zuo Sanqian. This time he escaped by chance and looked very embarrassed.
“Patriarch Song, you have to be the master of my Zuo family!”
He knelt down with a plop, crying, “My father and my second uncle died in the hands of Gao Bin, my brothers…”
The left three thousand cried bitterly, and kowtowed to Song Weiming, the Patriarch of the Song Family!
“Get up.”
Song Weiming frowned, “Just tell me what happened!”
“I… I don’t know either.”
Zuo Sanqian gritted his teeth and said, “My Zuo family joined forces with the Su family, and some of my elder brothers, and even the three young masters of the Su family, went to kill the Gao family together. Unexpectedly, all six of their young masters were dead! ”
People in the Song family changed their expressions.
They were willing to accept the Zuo family’s refuge, and the Tie Family’s acceptance of the Su family’s refuge, because these two big families showed their trump cards.
There are three young masters, representing the next few decades, and their spokespersons are extremely stable in strength, able to maximize and obtain sufficient benefits for their family.
But now, they are all dead!
“Gao Bin…It is said that Gao Bin has hidden his strength and possesses the strength of the master level, so he can kill the six young masters and destroy my Zuo family and Su family!”
Three thousand from the left, as he said, his body trembled.
He saw his father Zuo Chunqiu, his head was smashed by Gao Bin with an iron rod!
The entire Song family was silent.
Grandmaster-level strength, even in the north, it is still a respectable existence, a Shenghai, who can do it better?
They miscalculated.
“I think it’s unlikely to be Gao Bin.”
Suddenly, in the corner, someone said softly, “There should be someone else who killed the six young masters.”
In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned away.

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