Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 495

Jiang Daoran’s few words shocked Jiang Hai’s heart suddenly.
He opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. Jiang Ning did so many things just to make Lin Yuzhen start a company?
What a joke!
With Jiang Ning’s strength, he can easily give Lin Yuzhen a family, worth hundreds of billions of industry, why bother so much, so that Lin Yuzhen can work hard on his own business.
This… Isn’t this unnecessary?
“Do you think that kid is really boring now?”
Jiang Daoran hummed, not even wanting to call Jiang Ning’s name, “I don’t want to worry about what he wants to do, but I want to see that girl.”
There is no second person in this world who can make Jiang Ning like this.
Even if it is him, Jiang Ning’s biological father!
Jiang Daoran really wanted to see how this Lin Yuzhen was so sacred that he could make Jiang Ning treat her this way.
Hearing Jiang Daoran said that he wanted to see Lin Yuzhen, Jiang Hai’s nerves became tense, and he suddenly became a little nervous.
“Master, the young master said, don’t allow the Jiang family to step into the East China Sea half a step, go to one…”
“Go for one, he kills one, right?”
Jiang Daoran threw the pen on the paper, and the ink immediately infested a piece of paper.
His expression was serious and very complicated, as if he was angry, as if he was a little helpless and regretful.
“Even if I go, he will dare to do it.”
Jiang Daoran knew this very well.
For himself, Jiang Ning really dare to start!
“Master, please think twice.”
Jiang Hai said solemnly.
He stayed with Jiang Daoran for nearly 20 years, and he didn’t know how much danger he blocked Jiang Daoran. No one could hurt Jiang Daoran.
But in front of Jiang Ning, Jiang Hai did not have any confidence.
Even if that is the young master of the Jiang family, Jiang Daoran’s biological son!
“I’ll just talk about it.”
Jiang Daoran was very angry, “I know what this kid wants to do.”
Isn’t it true to cultivate Lin Yu?
Let her be good enough, more than Ling’er, more than the girl who married him, who swears at the age of three that she is not the girl who Jiangning will not marry in this life.
That, standing in the north, the girl that all young girls can only look up to!
But it is difficult for Ling’er to give up on his own initiative.
Unless Lin Yu is really better than Ling’er, it is almost impossible to accomplish.
Jiang Daoran doesn’t care about this. This is Jiang Ning’s business. What he is angry now is that he wants to see Lin Yuzhen, but he needs Jiang Ning’s consent.
Seeing Jiang Daoran didn’t continue to insist, Jiang Hai heaved a sigh of relief.
He picked up the pen and paper on the floor and put it back on the table.
He was really unwilling to ask him to face Jiang Ning now.
Before going to Donghai Airport to wait for Jiang Ning, he clearly felt that Jiang Ning’s killing intent towards him was not false!
Jiang Ning hates the Jiang family, hates Jiang Daoran, hates it to the bone!
“However, I still want to see that girl, even if Jiang Ning kills me, I will admit it.”
Jiang Daoran suddenly said a word, and Jiang Hai shook his hand in fright, and the rice paper fell to the ground again.
Jiang Hai’s Adam’s apple slipped, and his heart almost jumped out.
He knelt down on one knee immediately, “Master, please think twice!”
This is no joke!
With Jiang Ning’s attitude towards Jiang’s family now, Jiang Daoran dared to contact Lin Yuzhen privately, Jiang Ning would really do it without mercy.
Let alone Jiang Daoran, in this world, as long as Jiang Ning wants to kill, there is no one he can’t kill!
Even, because of that incident, Jiang Daoran was once the person Jiang Ning wanted to kill the most!

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