Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 498

She remembered that there was a very good and good girl who would come and take her husband away at any time.
Lin Yu really didn’t agree.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen’s childish appearance, Jiang Ning just laughed, said nothing, did not disturb her, and walked out of the room.
Of course Jiang Ning knew what those people from the Su family were doing.
The Lin Group is now developing extremely rapidly. In the entire East China Sea, it can be said that the Lin family is very famous. Whether it is a city or a county, even a township, whose children work in the Lin family, it must be celebrated with wine.
That aunt Su Hong, an old lady who had inconvenienced her legs and feet, had to come to the Lin family to see what the purpose was, fools could see.
In the hall, Su Mei is sitting on the sofa watching TV.
Seeing Jiang Ning coming downstairs, he raised his head and asked, “Is the rain really busy?”
“Well, the company’s development plan is very important. I won’t bother her.”
“Come and sit down.”
Su Mei pushed the snack to Jiang Ning and picked up another apple. “Mom will peel an apple for you.”
“Thank you mom.”
Jiang Ning sat down and leaned on the sofa with a tired face, frowned, stretched out his hand to rub his temples, and let out a long breath.
It looked like he was on the road ahead, with bloodshot eyes and exhaustion.
Su Mei feels distressed.
Jiang Ning paid too much for the Lin family.
Without the son-in-law of Jiang Ning, the Lin family would have never had the chance to live so well in this life.
“A little bit.”
Jiang Ning squeezed out a smile, “As long as our family can live well, it’s worth it to be tired.”
“Good boy.”
Su Mei’s eyes turned red all of a sudden.
“Mom didn’t wait to see you before, you said I…”
“That’s because Mom didn’t understand me, and I was afraid that I would bully Yuzhen. Now that I understand, I know that it will only be Yuzhen who is bullying me.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
“She dare!”
Su Mei hummed, “If Yu really bullies you, just tell me, I’ll clean her up!”
Jiang Ning was amused for a while, wondering if Lin Yuzhen upstairs would suddenly sneeze.
“This time I went to Shenghai, didn’t you encounter any trouble, right?”
“Encountered a little bit.”
Jiang Ning sighed, “It is inevitable for the Lin family to develop and enter a big city like Shenghai. This time I went to investigate the market and accidentally offended people.”
Hearing this, Su Mei’s face suddenly became tense.
“Lin can develop so fast and develop so well. Dad and Yuzhen have both put in a lot of effort. Look at Yuzhen, I have to be busy until late every day when I get home.”
Jiang Ning said distressed, “I want to share more for her, even if there are dozens of people chasing me to beat me, I am not afraid.”
If Gao Yali’s sister and brother are present, I’m afraid they will kneel down directly to Jiangning. Someone dare to chase Jiangning and fight?
That is looking for death!
Hearing Jiang Ning’s words, Su Mei’s heart was squeezed.
“Dozens of people hit you? Are you injured?”
Su Mei hurriedly stood up and asked, nervously.
“It’s okay, I run fast.”
Jiang Ning looked scared.
“This is the way to do business. It will inevitably offend people. Lin is Yu’s dream. I want to help her realize it. I don’t want anyone to destroy it.”
He looked at Su Mei and shook his head and said, “Mom, don’t you know, the last time a company executive violated the regulations, he privately arranged his sister into the company and only took the money and didn’t work. This caused a very bad influence, even Yu was so angry that he shed tears on one of the company’s projects.”
Su Mei never asked about matters in the Lin group. Lin Wen and Lin Yuzhen would not tell her. After all, Su Mei only wanted to take care of the family.
At this moment, after listening to Jiang Ning’s words, she knew how difficult it is for Jiang Ning and the others to be in the ups and downs outside!
She absolutely does not allow anyone to sabotage all of this, and does not allow anyone to affect the happiness of her Lin family.
“Mom, don’t worry, I’m young, so I won’t be tired after sleeping.”
Seeing that Su Mei had already peeled the apple, Jiang Ning took it and took it and bit it. “Mom, you rest early. I have to go to bed after I eat the apple. I’m a little sleepy.”
After speaking, he gnawed an apple while dragging a heavy step upstairs.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s tired back, Su Mei felt distressed.
At that time.
Su Hong’s home in the county seat.
She rummaged in the closet, her face full of joy.
“You said, which one looks good in me?”
Su Hong faced the mirror and gestured one after another.
“Isn’t it going to the dinner party? Doesn’t it need to be so grand.”
Xu Ming snorted.
Last time he was really frightened by Lin Yu. He didn’t expect that the Lin Group is developing so well now, and even such a high-level leader is really polite to Lin Yu.
He thought he would be criticized when he returned to his work unit, but he did not think that his immediate boss would take the initiative to greet him the next day!

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