Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 50

Jiang Ning prepared for Lin Yuzhen, he was just helping him.
Moreover, Jiang Ning needs to exert his talents in other areas, and he can get more in the future!
This was a big bet, and Huang Yuming only hesitated for a moment before making a decision immediately.
Jiang Ning’s strength is unfathomable there. All he has to do is to obey all Jiang Ning’s orders.

At that time.
Lin Qiang is making preparations.
The construction speed of the factory buildings in the suburbs is extremely fast, and it is almost completed and put into use.
Once the equipment is assembled, it can begin operation.
He wants to drive Lin Yuzhen out of Lin’s family before that, and take this factory building into his hands!
“Where is Lin Feng?”
He asked.
“The young master went to play with a few friends from the provincial capital.”
Lin Qiang frowned, but still didn’t say anything. Those dudes from the provincial capital were first-rate in eating, drinking, and having fun. If Lin Feng made friends of this kind, it would be beneficial if he could get in touch with the forces behind them.
“Heihu, this useless thing, took me five million, and nothing was done.”
Lin Qiang was very angry, “Is there still no news?”
“Patriarch, I heard that the black tiger was crippled by Huang Yuming’s people.”
The secretary whispered, “Moreover, I just saw the news that the hot spring club closed down and the whereabouts of the black tiger is unknown.”
Lin Qiang’s expression changed, and he was even more annoyed.
Five million was thrown away!
This black tiger ran away with money, right?
These people in the underground circle are really unreliable, and they are completely rubbish.
“Hmph, since they are unreliable, then I will do it myself!”
He got up, looked at the secretary, “Notify all the senior executives of the company and hold the board of directors. I want to fire Lin Yuzhen!”
Suburbs, factory building sites.
The main building has been completed. I have to say that with the help of 60 or 70 workers, the efficiency has improved a lot.
It was a full month faster than Lin Yu really expected.
Looking at the factory building that was being renovated and undergoing the final steps, Lin Yu really let out a long sigh, and a sense of accomplishment came to his heart.
“This is the first time to complete a job so smoothly.”
She couldn’t help saying.
“Really, it seems that a lot of people have bullied you before.”
Jiang Ning smiled and looked at her, “Looking back and writing their names on the wall, I will avenge you one by one.”
Lin Yu really gave Jiang Ning a white look, this guy is not serious.
“When the equipment is assembled, production can begin. I must work hard and try to prove myself!”
She clenched her fist.
If you can do a good job, maybe you can make more money and pay back what Jiang Ning spent earlier, otherwise, she might really be able to promise her.
“Ring Ling Ling…”
Lin Yuzhen’s phone rang.
She picked it up and saw that it was from the company’s personnel department.
“Lin Yuzhen, the company holds a board of directors. Please come to the company before ten o’clock to participate.”
Just a word of notice, Xuan even hung up the phone.
Lin Yuzhen was startled, what did the board of directors look for?
She is not an executive of the company, nor a member of the board of directors, so she is not eligible to participate in the board of directors.
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes and knew what was going on.
This Lin Qiang not only wants to drive Lin Yu out of the Lin family, but also humiliates her in public. Since you stretched your face out, don’t blame me for being impolite.
“What do you think? Since you are asked to go to the meeting, then go.”
Jiang Ning opened the door of the car, “Let’s go, I’ll accompany you.”
Lin Yu really didn’t want to go to this level of meeting, it had nothing to do with her, she went, I was afraid it would be embarrassing.
But when she thought about it, if she didn’t go, Bo Lin Qiang might have a lot to say, maybe he would still say bad things about his family in front of Lin Xiao.
The BMW turned around, left the construction site, and headed towards the Lin Group.
at the same time.
In the Lin Group meeting room, Lin Qiang is sitting in the upper position, and several board members and company executives have all arrived.
“This Lin Yu is really big, so many of us wait for her alone.”
The HR executive snorted, dissatisfied, “I have notified her that the meeting started at nine o’clock, and she was late.”
She told Lin Yuzhen it was ten o’clock, but who knew?

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