Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 502

“Mom, did you see it?”
Su Hong took the old lady’s arm and pointed to the villa in the distance, “Su Mei, I live in this kind of place now!”
The old lady smiled and nodded: “Okay, just have a good time.”
“You come live too!”
Su Hong gave her a white look, “I have been following Su Gang, what good life can I have? The broken house is too crowded. Later I told Su Mei that this daughter has grown up, and I didn’t see much respect. Honor your mother, I have to criticize her well.”
The Volkswagen drove to the courtyard of Villa No.1 and saw a few BMW cars parked there. Su Hong knew that was right.
She immediately asked her son Xu Ran to stop the car, helped the old lady get out of the car, and immediately yelled.
“Su Mei! Mom is here! Don’t you come out to pick it up!”
While supporting the old lady, she muttered in her mouth, “This Su Mei, now has money and has a big shelf. Mom won’t come out to pick it up when she comes. It’s true.”
Su Hong’s family walked to the door, and Su Mei had just walked out of the kitchen.
No way, the villa is too big, and it takes time to walk from the kitchen to the door.
Su Mei yelled, and immediately stepped forward to support the old lady with inconvenient legs, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”
“come on in!”
The old lady smiled and nodded.
As soon as they entered the house, Su Hong’s family was shocked.
This villa is too big!
His house is 120 square meters, which is not too small, but the villa in Su Mei, according to any estimate, has to be more than 300 square meters.
And it’s still three floors!
Even Xu Ming, this little leader, has some insights, but walking into such a villa still feels a violent shock in his heart.
He knows very well that people who can live in this kind of place are either rich or expensive, which is not what he can imagine.
But I turned my head and thought, as long as my son joins the Lin family and earns 3 million yuan a year, and then he can get some oil and water, within two years, his family can still live in a villa.
“At that time, I will buy the one next door. It looks pretty good.”
Xu Ming already had a plan in his heart.
“Such a big TV? It’s more than a hundred inches!”
Su Hong is like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, watching the TV loudly, seeing the automatic air conditioner, he is surprised, there are also automatic elevators, crystal ceiling lights…
Her eyes are bright, and she can’t wait for this to be her home!
“Well, this lamp is not bad, we will buy this one too, exactly the same one!”
Su Mei ignored her, helped the old lady sit down, poured water for several people, and asked the nanny to bring fruit and drinks.
“Where are my brothers?”
She didn’t see Su Gang’s family and thought they would come together.
“They take the shuttle bus. I guess they won’t be able to arrive before dinner.”
Su Hong answered, “Anyway, they just came to have a meal.”
She snorted, then murmured softly, saying that they would not use it anymore.
When Su Gang and his family arrive, they are afraid that all the food will be eaten. Will they come to wash the dishes?
Su Mei turned her head and glanced at her, her face was a little ugly, no one would say that to her relatives.
Had it not been for the Su Gang family to come, she really hadn’t agreed to let them come.
While talking, there was the sound of car horns outside the door, and Su Mei’s face was happy: “Brother and his family must have arrived.”
She went out hurriedly.
“How is it possible? They take the shuttle bus, it is impossible to come so quickly,”
She couldn’t help but laughed, “Even if they get to the East China Sea, they have to transfer to the bus, where is it so…fast…”
Su Hong followed to the door, talking to her lips, but suddenly stopped speaking.
In front of them, Su Gang’s family was stepping down from a luxury car that even she could see.

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