Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 503

Su Mei smiled and walked quickly over, “You are here!”
Su Yun yelled sweetly, “My sister got up, right?”
“Get up, go find her.”
Su Yun nodded, not polite at all, and ran in with a sigh.
“This kid is too rude.”
Su Gang couldn’t help shaking his head and turned to look at his wife, “You are used to it!”
Su Gang’s wife Yang Li flashed a trace of embarrassment on her face, remembering that she hadn’t taken the things yet, so she asked Ge Ge to help open the trunk and took out the pickled carrots she had brought.
“Your brother said you love to eat, so I will make some and bring you over to taste.”
When the Lin family was in despair, Su Gang visited Su Mei twice, and besides bringing some money over, there was also this soaked radish.
It’s not worth any money, but Su Mei always remembered it.
She hurriedly took it and hugged it in her arms: “Thank you sister-in-law, I really wanted to make this radish for a long time. I learned to make it by myself, but the taste is always wrong. You have to teach me later!”
“Okay! OK!” Yang Li said in surprise.
She was also worried that Su Mei would dislike it.
“Stop standing, come in.”
Su Mei shouted.
At the door, Su Hong stood there, snorting, she thought that Su Gang’s family would bring something, it turned out to be soaked radishes, how much money does it cost?
They are too embarrassed to bring it!
She didn’t even think of it, but she didn’t bring anything, so she brought a few mouths.
Upon entering the house, Su Gang and his wife were obviously shocked.
This villa is too big!
The two seemed a little restrained, and they didn’t even know which position to step on when they walked.
“Do whatever you want, it’s your own home.”
Su Mei laughed, “Sit down first, I’ll get some vegetables, and Lin Wen will be back soon.”
She turned around and went into the kitchen. Su Gang and the others were sitting on the sofa cautiously, touching the leather of the sofa with their hands. The cautious appearance made Su Hong and Xu Ming amused.
“I said Gangzi, don’t look like you have never seen the world,”
Su Hong smiled, “This is Su Mei’s house, so just treat it as your own home.”
When she first came in, she didn’t exactly go anywhere than Su.
“In the future, when my house also buys a villa, you can go to my place and sit down.”
Su Gang didn’t speak, Yang Li couldn’t help it.
“Sister, are you going to buy a villa? It’s amazing.”
“I heard that the cemetery on the county seat is now being rebuilt to build villas. No one buys it. The price will definitely not be low. You can consider it.”
When Su Hong heard this, he suddenly exasperated, “What nonsense are you talking about! We want to buy, we will buy the best!”
She snorted, turned her head and said in the ear of the old lady: “Mom, you remember to say later, this is about the future of your grandson, the future of your life!”
The old lady smiled and nodded.
Upstairs, Lin Yu really just changed his clothes, and walked around in front of Jiang Ning.
“Is this good-looking?”
“good looking.”
Jiang Ning took Lin Yuzhen’s hand and pulled her into his arms, “My wife looks good no matter what she wears.”
The bedroom was knocked, and it was unscrewed in the next second. Su Yun, like a rabbit, rushed in quickly, just in time to see Jiang Ning holding Lin Yuzhen.
She hurriedly covered her eyes: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Brother-in-law, I didn’t know you were there!”
Su Yun’s fingers were exposed more and more, and he was a little disappointed when he saw that Jiang Ning and the others were all wearing clothes.
“You girl, dare to enter my room!”
Lin Yuzhen came out of Jiang Ning’s arms, his face flushed, and said fiercely, “Look at how I wait to tell your mother!”
“Sister! Forgive me! I’ve been in your room like this since I was a kid!”
This has become a habit, even if Lin Yu is really married, she didn’t react for a while, “Look, brother-in-law is not angry, so you can’t be angry anymore, right?”
She giggled, knowing that Jiang Ning had a good temper and wouldn’t be angry with herself.
“You are a provincial legend, I dare not provoke you.”
Jiang Ning laughed, “Go downstairs, chat for a while, it’s time to eat.”
He walked out, Su Yun immediately took Lin Yuzhen’s arm, pressed it to her ear, and asked quietly.
“Sister, are you pregnant?”
“What are you pregnant?”
“Children! Are you guys already, so what? How do you feel?”
“Bad girl, I tore your mouth!”

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