Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 511

Lin Yu really didn’t pay attention.
“The day after the college entrance examination is over!”
Su Yun’s eyes brightened, and she shook Lin Yuzhen’s hand, “Sister Qingwu said, as long as I pass the college entrance examination, I will send a ticket to me, but at that time, the results haven’t come out yet.”
Counting the days, there is only less than half a month left.
“Then can you guarantee your grades?”
Lin Yu said seriously.
“I swear by the reputation of a provincial legend!”
Su Yun held up three fingers and said, “I, Su Yun, I will definitely be admitted to a key university, if I don’t get admitted…”
She bit her lip and turned to look at Jiang Ning: “Just punishing me to find a man like brother-in-law!”
Jiang Ning was still drinking tea and almost couldn’t help but squirt out.
How bad is you?
Is it a punishment to find yourself a husband?
Lin Yu really laughed so her stomach hurts, especially when she saw Jiang Ning’s expression, she had to endure it.
“I won’t take you to Shenghai.”
Jiang Ning said immediately, “I’ll tell your dad after a while, you haven’t been studying seriously recently, and you’re still in a puppy love.
“Brother-in-law, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean that…”
Su Yun was in a hurry, and hurriedly went with Jiang Ning.
At home, the atmosphere is getting better and better.
At that time.
This international metropolis.
Economy and culture have multiplied to a very high level here, especially the current cultural industry, which has become an iconic city in China.
Feasting and feasting are not dreams, but drunken fans are real.
I don’t know how many people want to be here to realize their star dreams.
But there are many people who have stood at the end of their dreams, and Ye Qingwu is one of them.
There have been many things, there have been peaks, there have been valleys, slandered and splashed with dirty water, even almost hidden in the snow, and changed the boss.
Now Ye Qingwu can really focus on her music career.
This concert called The Return is announcing that she will come back again!
In the same way, this concert has another purpose, which is to allow the new products of the Lin Group to take this opportunity to formally enter the Shenghai market.
Open the door of Shenghai Market for Lin Group!
Lin Yuzhen had already told Ye Qingwu about the next plan of the Lin Group.
As a friend, Ye Qingwu will certainly do her best to help Lin Yuzhen and further expand the territory of the Lin Group.
Not to mention, now that the entire Interstellar Entertainment Company has been bought by Jiang Ning, it will naturally serve the Lin Group.
This concert is not only an announcement of Ye Qingwu’s return, but also a pavement for the Lin Group to enter Shenghai.
Therefore, Wang Wei spares no effort in propaganda.
The news of the concert, less than two hours after it was released, directly detonated the entire music scene!
The fans are crazy!
Even the fans who weren’t Ye Qingwu before are excited at this moment.
Because Ye Qingwu was framed before, they followed the trend and scolded her, feeling a little guilty in their hearts. They didn’t expect to listen to Ye Qingwu’s song, and they were shocked.
They didn’t expect Ye Qingwu’s song to be so nice.
They didn’t even expect that Ye Qingwu would do a lot of charity, and even such an artist would still have someone splashing dirty water to slander her?
This is unbearable!
For a while, an event was launched in the evening called “We all owe Ye Qingwu a concert ticket.”
They looked forward to Ye Qingwu’s concert, and then heard that Ye Qingwu had terminated the contract with the entertainment company, and even had no right to sing his own songs.
This disappointed and saddened many fans.
But now, Ye Qingwu is back!
The theme of this concert is just one sentence: I’m back!

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