Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 513

Just as Jiang Ning was about to move, Lin Yuzhen had already rolled over and shrank into Jiang Ning’s arms, closing his eyes tightly, but his eyelashes were trembling and his body was tight.
“what’s happenin?”
Jiang Ning could clearly feel that Lin Yu was really trembling slightly.
She was nervous.
“No, nothing.”
Lin Yu really knew that Jiang Ning had endured it for a long time. She was a little nervous and scared, but if it was Jiang Ning, she could endure it.
Because she didn’t want to disappoint Jiang Ning.
Through the dim light, Jiang Ning clearly felt that when Lin Yu really breathed, she became hurried, and she was really nervous.
At that moment, everything went into flames and disappeared.
“what’s happenin?”
Seeing that Jiang Ning did not take any further action, Lin Yuzhen asked, “Is it because I didn’t do it well enough?”
Jiang Ning whispered, “I think, after you are ready, I mean after you are fully prepared, I want to own you.”
Lin Yu was really anxious, “Don’t you want me very much?”
“Fool, you are already mine, can’t you run away?”
Jiang Ning couldn’t help laughing, and kissed Lin Yuzhen on the forehead, “Go to sleep, I will hold you to sleep.”
Although he did not succeed, Jiang Ning was not disappointed. On the contrary, he was more at ease.
At that time, Shenghai’s nightlife had just begun.
Ye Qingwu’s concert continues to grow in popularity. Whoever can get the tickets for her concert can even show off on the Internet.
Shenghai, even more so.
At this moment, a few brothers, in the nightclub, alcohol filled their bodies, and the few women around them, like water snakes, were even more coquettish, evoking the deepest desires of men.
“Brother, I really want to go to Ye Qingwu’s concert. Can you get a ticket?”
A girl said with a whimpering voice.
“Hehe, it’s just a few tickets, it’s nothing at all.”
The man sitting with a red face, big hands on the girl, wandering freely, “If you want to go, I will take you there, and I can ask Ye Qingwu to sign for you.”
“Of course it is true, your brother, when did you brag?”
The man smiled triumphantly, seeing the eyes of the people around him, all falling on him, a little proud, “I know people from the Gao family!”
“And for the security work of this concert, people from the Gao family were involved, and how many tickets would it count?”
Hearing the man said that he knew people from the Gao family, the eyes of every girl were bright, full of admiration, and those men were jealous.
Now who doesn’t know, the underground circle of Shenghai now has the surname Gao!
“Really, Shao Qin?”
The girls all wanted to pounce on Qin Mu’s body, their eyes were full of admiration, “Do you know someone from the Gao family?”
Who doesn’t know that the current Gao family is in full swing!
After destroying the writer and the Su family, Gao Bin became famous in the first battle and became a legend in this Shenghai underground circle. Who would dare to provoke him?
Now the Gao family brothers and sisters have integrated the underground circle of Shenghai in a short period of time, and established a full reputation.
Who can get involved with the Gao family, that’s a great skill!
“Huh, is this still fake?”
Qin Mu enjoyed this feeling of being worshipped.
He said calmly: “The Gao family has a cousin called Gao Cheng, who grew up with their brother and sister, and this person is my brother!”
He didn’t say that he was a friend, but he directly said that he was a brother, because the two words brothers represent the relationship, not the two words friend, it can be compared!
Hearing this, a group of people were even more excited.
The men toasted one after another, eager to curry favor with Qin Mu. After all, with their status and qualifications, they had no chance to get close to the Gao family, let alone have a relationship with the Gao family.
But being able to have a relationship with Qin Mu is already very powerful!
“Shao Qin, I toast you! I did it, you are free!”
“Shao Qin, I need you to take care of you more!”
“This Shenghai, there will be a place for Qin Shao in the future, congratulations!”
And those women flashed their eyes one by one, thinking in their hearts how to defeat their competitors and climb into Qin Mu’s bed smoothly.
There are really few young people with such potential in Sheng Hai!
That’s the Gao family!
Even if it is the cousin of the Gao family, this relationship is not comparable to ordinary people. It is just around the corner.
“you are welcome.”
Qin Mu squinted his eyes, his lips just touched the glass of wine, and he had already raised the shelf.
“Isn’t it just a few tickets? I just ask the boss of StarWorld Entertainment to get it. What a big deal,”
He snorted, “The face of the Gao family, the boss, dare not to give it, right?”

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