Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 515

After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
Wang Wei was dumbfounded.
What is Jiang Ning doing?
Who is he talking to, his tone seems to be with his little brother, is he going to let his little brother deal with matters in the circle on the ground?
Let those people change this bad ethos?
Just kidding!
That’s the circle on the ground!
People who are not in the underground circle, who dare to provoke easily, will get into big trouble!
Wang Wei was about to speak to dissuade him. Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. He picked it up and saw that he was the deputy leader in charge of the sanitation inspection, but he did not dare to offend him.
“Director Xu, I have already sent the tickets you want…what, do you want to return it?”
Wang Wei’s voice was octave higher.
He suspected that he had heard it wrong.
The other party wants to send back the tickets he wants to leave.
“Don’t! Don’t!”
Wang Wei thought it was something he did not do well, so he subconsciously said, “I did not do it well, Director Xu, don’t be angry, our concert…”
Before he finished speaking, the person on the other side of the phone was obviously more anxious, and there was almost a trace of pleading in his voice.
The tickets must be returned and delivered personally, so that Wang Wei must never take this matter to heart.
Wang Wei hung up the phone, still confused.
He fixedly looked at Jiang Ning.
Just now, Jiang Ning seemed to have made a call.
It also seems to say to a person named A Fei that the atmosphere here is not very good, and it has to be changed.
Then, he received such a call.
Is this a coincidence?
What a fucking coincidence!
still is……
“Ring Ling Ling—-”
Before he could speak, the phone rang again, and he hurriedly connected, and he was coming to refund the ticket again!
Then, one after another, Wang Wei received more than a dozen calls, all of which were to apologize first and then to refund the ticket. The tension and fear in his words were like a mouse seeing a cat!
Wang Wei has never enjoyed such treatment before.
In the past, when I went to talk to them about things, I had to lower my posture by three points. Today, this…why is it the other way around?
His head is already a little numb.
Estimated, the tickets sent out seem to have been returned, and the phone will no longer ring.
Wang Wei took a deep breath.
“Big Brother.”
His mouth trembled for a while, “This atmosphere, it seems to change, a bit quicker.”
“Well, I like efficiency.”
Jiang Ning nodded, “If it is slower, the consequences will be serious.”
He paused and continued: “Of course, tickets are still to be sent, but not to those who are irrelevant. The people responsible for security on the spot, and those who help the concert, can be given to their family members. They are eligible to get free tickets. As for the others, my tickets are hot.”
Wang Wei’s heart thumped, beating violently!
Jiang Ning can be regarded as a person in the underground circle!
But just now, all the people who called him were people in the circle on the ground, and their status and status were not low.
This is fucking scary!
Jiang Ning, who is this?
“Ring Ling Ling—-”
Wang Wei’s phone rang again.
He shook his body suddenly, and when he saw the number, his whole body became nervous, “No way?”
This number comes from the office of the highest position in the circle of Shenghaidi!
Jiang Ning lowered his head to drink tea and didn’t care at all.
Wang Wei’s Adam’s apple slipped, connected to the phone, and said politely: “Hello, I’m the general manager of Starworld Entertainment, Wang Wei.”
“Mr. Wang, I’m sorry, people from Shenghai related departments have made unreasonable requests for your company’s concert tickets. On my side, instead of them, I apologize to you!”
This voice is exactly the same as the big man I often see on TV!
Is he apologizing to himself?
He is the highest-ranking person in Shenghai’s circle!

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