Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 517

There were just a bunch of people, begging to send the tickets back, as if these tickets suddenly turned into bombs.
Even the great figure in the circle on the ground personally called to make sure that this kind of thing would never happen again.
The so-called Qin Shao in front of him is really sure, he still wants to ask for tickets from himself?
“Yes, of course sure!”
Qin Mu laughed, feeling contented, and as expected, he reported Gao Cheng’s name, and now in Shenghai, it is convenient to do anything.
He glanced at the female companion next to him, and saw that she was full of admiration, and was even more arrogant, “Baby, how many do you want?”
The woman said, randomly and busy again, “Ten! Ten!”
Being able to go on your own, bringing your girlfriends, and even hiring some leaders, this is a big face.
She took Qin Mu’s hand and pressed it tighter, obviously using her pride to please Qin Mu.
Wang Wei’s face is not embarrassing at all, “I do have the ticket. No, there are many people who don’t need it. They are sent back. As long as Qin Shao is sure that you want it, I will give it.”
“Yes, just ten.”
Seeing Wang Wei’s promise, Qin Mu raised his head slightly, and wanted to hold his own air. “Mr. Wang, won’t you be embarrassed?”
“No, no,”
Wang Wei waved his hand again and again without any difficulty, “Are you a friend of Gao Cheng.”
Qin Mu smiled slightly: “Wang is always a smart man, I am very optimistic about you.”
“It’s just that, after our ticket is sent out, it will be difficult to get it back. Qin Shaoke must remember it clearly.”
Wang Wei said seriously.
There is no reason to take back the things you send out. What’s more, if you dare to take it away and send it back, it depends on whether you are willing to accept it.
Qin Mu just thought it was a bit funny. He wanted to send the tickets he asked for back?
Dream it.
Even if you don’t watch it and throw it to waste, it’s something worth showing off.
It’s hard for others to get a ticket. I posted a newsletter that day and took a precious ticket. I said, I’m tired today, I don’t want to watch it, so let’s wait for the next time.
How many people have to be jealous of this?
“I won’t return, I will give you the address, and Mr. Wang will send someone to my office.”
Qin Mu took out a business card, stuffed it into Wang Wei’s pocket, patted him on the shoulder, said lightly, and led his female companion away.
From beginning to end, Wang Wei had a smile on his face, without the slightest anger or impatience.
On the contrary, he was somewhat gloating.
He had a little impression, this Qin Mu, it seemed that his family was really a member of the circle on the ground, his status and status were not much better.
“What’s in a daze?”
Behind him, Jiang Ning’s voice came, “I didn’t hear Su Yun calling you.”
Wang Wei turned his head and saw that Su Yun almost threw the bowl over, and hurriedly took the pastry and ran back.
After dinner, Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen were sent back to the hotel to rest. Wang Wei went back to the company and asked someone to send the concert tickets to Qin Mu’s office.
At that time.
Qin Mu was in his office, waiting for tickets.
Just waiting for a while, of course, find something to do, otherwise it will be so boring.
He sat in the boss chair, half-closed his eyes, and tilted his head back. The whole person seemed to be wandering in a fairyland, almost groaning.
“Boom boom boom!”
When the door of the office was knocked, Qin Mu immediately reached out and pressed a head that was about to stand up.
“Come in.”
“Shao Qin, someone sent a document to tell me that it was what you wanted.”
Qin Mu knew that Wang Wei had sent the tickets when he heard it. It seemed that this guy was quite acquainted.
“Put it on the table.”
Qin Mu took a deep breath, and his body trembled slightly. The secretary’s face immediately turned red. Putting down the file bag, he left in a panic and closed the door.
A voice suddenly came from under the table, “Shao Qin!”
“Did you find my pen?”
Qin Mu smirked, “Is it rough or not, is it easy to use?”

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