Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 518

A figure came out directly from under the table. His face was red, his hair was a little messy, and he quickly tidied it up, but no matter what Qin Mu said, he immediately picked up the file bag on the table and tore it open. It was indeed a concert. Tickets!
“Shao Qin, you are so amazing!”
The woman was surprised, “Ten of them!”
Qin Mu snorted triumphantly, not paying attention.
It’s not just ten tickets for the concert. It’s nothing, as long as he and Gao Cheng are good friends, let alone ten tickets, even if it is ten cars, he wants it, others have to give it away!
“I have something better.”
Qin Mu laughed, “Now, let you see it again.”
In the office, Qin Mu was contented and even a little bit tired for the whole afternoon.
Back home, in the hall, Qin Mu’s father, Qin Long, was sitting there, frowning, with a surviving expression on his face.
When Qin Mu came back, he snorted.
“Going crazy again, day by day, not doing business properly!”
“Dad, why do you scold me when I come back?”
Qin Mu was a little uncomfortable. Since childhood, Qin Long had the final say in the family. He did not have good grades and had no special skills. With the money his mother gave, he opened a company and started his life.
But now he is Gao Cheng’s friend, it’s different!
“Do you think I want to scold you?”
Qin Long was furious, “You asked me to get you tickets for the concert, do you know how troublesome it is?”
He was really frightened. He wanted to learn from a few friends and directly ask the performance company to ask for it, but before he had time to ask, he got the news that those who went to Starcraft Entertainment to ask for tickets were all over!
Those who ask for less, serious warnings, demotion and salary reduction, and distribution to the bottom level restarts.
Those who have much more to discuss will be expelled directly and never hired!
Even the top boss of his unit was called out by the bigger leader, and he scolded him for more than an hour. When he came back, his legs were still trembling.
Qin Long was really frightened.
They only asked for two or three tickets.
Wasn’t this all normal in the past?
But now, those concert tickets are simply time bombs!
Fortunately, he took a step slower to speak, otherwise he must be finished now.
But when Qin Mu heard this, he was a little disdainful and sneered, “Dad, not just a few tickets, if there is any trouble, I know you can’t count on it.”
He snorted, “Don’t worry about it, I got it myself, ten!”
“How many?”
Qin Long almost didn’t fall off his chair, so he stood up and said loudly, “How many did you say!”
Qin Mu’s face was full of pride.
“Where did you come from!”
Qin Long’s voice has become sharp, and his body is already trembling with tension.
“Of course I got it from the owner of StarWorld Entertainment.”
Qin Mu said indifferently, “I, Qin Mu, asked him for ten tickets. That is to give him face!”
Qin Long’s legs softened, and he fell directly on the ground in fright.
Qin Mu even asked for ten cards from Interstellar Entertainment!
This scared Qin Long’s soul.
His leader, but asked for five, was directly expelled from public office, never hired, and recorded in the archives. The journey of this life is completely finished.
Now, Qin Mu said, did he ask for ten?
This rebellious son!

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