Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 523

Gao Bin couldn’t tell where.
A man as strong as Jiang Ning, especially someone who has seen Jiang Ning’s strength with his own eyes, will not be shocked or moved by any woman?
“Well, I’ll make arrangements, this invitation letter…”
“I will deliver it myself.”
Gao Yali said.
Jiang Ning is here, and she wants to see Jiang Ning on the one hand, but also the girl who can make Jiang Ning chase her back.
At the same time, Sheng Hai’s current situation, she also needs to make further reports with Jiang Ning, and tell Jiang Ning the network of people here, so that she can listen to Jiang Ning’s opinions and suggestions.
Every step the Gao family takes now is of the utmost importance and must not tolerate any mistakes. Otherwise, the consequences will not be borne by the two of them.
In the hotel.
Lin Yuzhen is still working hard in the room.
She came to Shenghai not for fun, but for the development of the Lin Group.
Before the new station is settled, she can only work in the study room in the hotel.
In the lobby, Jiang Ning was lying on the sofa, enjoying himself freely, while Su Yun, who was sitting on the side, was almost ready to let himself go after the college entrance examination was over.
Holding the remote control in both hands, staring at the cartoon on the TV, hahaha laughed endlessly.
When they came out of the old Shenghai restaurant, they had another dessert and snacks. At this moment, Su Yun’s belly looked as if she was pregnant.
“How old is it to watch cartoons,”
Jiang Ning gave Su Yun a white look, a little speechless, “It must be mature.”
“Hehe, brother-in-law, if I am too mature, I’m afraid you won’t be able to accept it.”
Su Yun narrowed his eyes, like two crooked moons, and gave Jiang Ning a provocative look, “Don’t believe me, ask my sister!”
Jiang Ning snorted softly, not familiar with this girl’s film.
Of course he knew that Lin Yuzhen, who was pure, now seemed to know a lot of things between men and women, although he was obviously just talking on paper and had no practical experience.
But it was even more obvious that all of these things on paper were told by the strange and strange Su Yun in front of her.
He read countless people, and his eyes were so harsh that even the world’s top scouts could not pretend to be himself, but Jiang Ning really didn’t dare to understand the girl in front of him.
A woman’s heart, a needle on the bottom of the sea, let alone a woman who is only half open.
“Boom boom boom.”
The door was knocked.
Before Jiang Ning looked up, Su Yun had already jumped out, “Is the takeaway I ordered arrived?”
She hasn’t eaten enough!
The door opened, and Su Yun was stunned. He did not see the yellow robe rider who was expecting: “Hello, who are you looking for?”
“Hello, I’m looking for Jiang Ning, Mr. Jiang.”
Gao Yali nodded slightly and smiled.
Jiang Ning stayed at this hotel. The news was not hidden. Gao Yali knew it easily. “Please let me know. My name is Gao Yali. I am Mr. Jiang’s…friend.”
She stared at Su Yun, looked and looked again, could it be that this woman in front of her was Jiang Ning’s woman?
Looking at it, it seems very young, is it an adult?
It turns out that Jiangning likes tender.
Su Yun let out a cry and turned to look at Jiang Ning who was lying on the sofa in the hall, “Brother-in-law, I’m looking for you!”
After speaking, she opened the door and invited Gao Yali in, then crawled back to the sofa by herself and continued to watch her cartoon.
Gao Yali was shocked, brother-in-law?
This girl is not.
“Mr. Jiang.”
She walked into the suite, bowed respectfully and nodded, suddenly becoming a little nervous.
Before coming, Gao Yali told herself repeatedly, don’t be nervous, don’t need to be nervous, let alone be nervous, when Jiang Ning doesn’t show his strength, it is not so scary.
But when she really stood in front of Jiang Ning, Gao Yali was still nervous and a little afraid!
“How did you come.”
Jiang Ning didn’t change his posture, lying reclining on the sofa, fiddling with the phone in his hand, raising his eyelids, and taking a look at Gao Yali.
It looked like lying in his own home, lazy and leisurely.
How does this relate to the great master who killed a master with one punch!
In Gao Yali’s mind, Jiang Ning seemed to suddenly split into two, becoming two people.
“Sit, you are welcome.”
Gao Yali snorted, and sat on Jiangning’s side with her legs together, still looking a little restrained.
Today, she wore a long skirt for the first time.

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