Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 527

During this period of time, there were more people who praised him, people who flattered him, and even those who looked up and flattered him than in the previous decades. The feeling of airiness was really great!
Seeing Gao Cheng knowing, Gao Yali nodded.
“At this reception, a big man will come, so make sure you are foolproof.”
Gao Bin and Gao Cheng’s expressions immediately became serious.
Gao Bin knew who Gao Yali was talking about, but Gao Cheng didn’t know. He only knew that he had to do things well and not allow mistakes.
Hmph, whoever dares to make trouble, don’t blame yourself for being cruel!
Time passed in a blink of an eye.
The time for the reception will soon arrive.
In the hotel, Lin Yuzhen was wearing an evening gown, and stared at both Jiang Ning and Su Yun.
“looks good?”
Lin Yuzhen turned around and asked two people, “Qingwu picked it for me and said it suits me.”
“good looking.”
Jiang Ning and Su Yun said in unison.
Immediately, Su Yun cried: “Sister, why don’t you take me!”
“Who told you to watch cartoons.”
Lin Yu really didn’t have a good temper, “However, I have prepared it for you.”
She took out another set of dress from the bag and handed it to Su Yun: “Qingwu also picked it up for you. See if it fits or not.”
Su Yun immediately changed it, it was just tailor-made, and the size and temperament were all too consistent!
“Thank you Sister Qingwu!”
Su Yun looked at herself in the mirror, almost crying by Mei, she didn’t expect that she could be so beautiful.
The two women squeezed in front of the mirror, vying for beauty, and ignored Jiang Ning.
After a while, Lin Yu really yelled, and his face suddenly became flushed. Turning his head to look at Jiang Ning, he felt guilty and dumbfounded.
“Husband, I forgot to buy it for you!”
Lin Yu really wanted to beat herself, so she only cared about herself and Su Yun, forgetting that Jiang Ning was going too, he also wanted to wear a formal dress!
“It’s okay, I don’t like wearing a dress, it’s uncomfortable.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “It’s better to be casual.”
He wears whatever he wants, even if it is a banquet from the Eastern European Pope, Jiang Ning drags it away with the flip flops, and the Pope treats him politely and respectfully.
In this world, no one except Lin Yuzhen can ask Jiang Ning to wear anything.
But since Lin Yu really forgot, Jiang Ning was happy.
Wearing an evening dress, suit and leather shoes, looks like a dog, it looks like that, but in his bones he is a so-called barbarian, used to disguise his hypocrisy.
He doesn’t care about it at all.
“If my brother-in-law wears a suit, he is definitely the most handsome man in the audience!”
Su Yun just “offended” Jiang Ning. At this moment, he quickly slapped his flattery. “Brother-in-law wears casually, because he wants to give other men a little chance. Otherwise, who would dare to attend?”
“You have a vision.”
Jiang Ning snorted.
After speaking, Su Yun ignored him, and Lin Yuzhen was very happy looking in the mirror.
The reception was in the evening. In the afternoon, Lin Yu really didn’t go anywhere, and concentrated on preparing in the hotel study.
She didn’t go there for drinking or making friends, but for the future development of the Lin Group. Naturally, she had to make sufficient preparations so as not to be embarrassed at the time, but the entire Lin Group’s face was lost.
Jiang Ning did not agree to let Gao Yali send someone to pick him up.
He doesn’t like such a high profile. This Shenghai underground circle is obviously controlled by the Gao family’s sister and brother, so let them control it. Jiang Ning is not interested in showing up.

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