Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 528

at night.
The time for the start of the reception is getting closer and closer.
Everything is ready on the eighth floor of Manhattan International Hotel.
Starting from the entrance, every 30 meters, people will be arranged to stand in the corner to deal with unexpected situations that may arise at any time to ensure the safety of guests.
Gao Cheng is very concerned about this and has explained to his subordinates many times.
But Gao Yali said that tonight, there will be big people appearing!
Don’t make any mistakes!
This is even more of his chance to gain a firm foothold in the Gao family. Since his father passed away, Gao Yali’s sister and brother have regarded him as his own. Gao Cheng can feel that as long as he performs well enough, then the future of the Gao family , There will be a place for him.
“All cheer me up, don’t make mistakes, otherwise, don’t turn my face and deny people!”
Gao Cheng shouted coldly, and all his subordinates nodded.
After speaking, Gao Cheng walked out of the hotel, ready to greet the guests.
Most of the people who came were people from the above-ground circles, with relevant leaders from various departments, some industry bosses they usually contacted, and some friends from the Gao family.
In addition, Gao Cheng also sent invitation letters to his friends.
He would never miss the opportunity to express himself in this way.
Let those friends see their abilities and see that they can hold such a high-end reception, and prove their connections and strength.
With strength and status, if you don’t show it, it’s not Jinyi Night Walk, what’s the point?
At the door, there are vehicles passing through the entrance of the lobby from time to time, and the shuttle vehicles are more expensive than one.
The waiter at the entrance of the hotel can be considered a little insightful. In a place like Shenghai, and working in a five-star hotel like this, you don’t see too many luxury cars.
But like today, it is really rare to see so many luxury cars all at once. It is enough to see that the status and status of the people who are going to go upstairs today are not low.
“Brother Gao!”
From a distance, someone saw Gao Cheng standing at the door, hurriedly ran over, and said politely, “When you see the figure from a distance, you will know that it is Brother Gao. The aura of Brother Gao is becoming more and more impressive. Up!”
Gao Cheng squinted his eyes and said with a smile: “It’s Shao Li, among our friends, don’t talk politely. I invite you to come today, but you have to have fun, please!
Several people came one after another, all friends of Gao Cheng. Before the Gao family became the master of the underground circle of Shenghai, they were friends of wine and meat, and they had similar smells.
Now Gao Cheng’s status is extraordinary. Although he no longer regards these people as friends, he will not waste such an opportunity to show off in front of them.
“Master Gao!”
Gao Cheng was about to go upstairs to see the situation when a voice came from a distance.
He stopped, turned his head and glanced, and couldn’t help laughing: “Shao Qin, it’s a bit late.”
The person who came was Qin Mu, and the two of them had a good relationship.
“Hey, something happened. I was scolded by my father for a day at home and just ran out.”
Qin Mu smirked and didn’t dare to say that he borrowed the name of Gao Cheng to ask for ten concert tickets with the boss of StarWorld Entertainment, and almost killed him.
Fortunately, he was clever and saved his life, but he was still scared.
“What about your dad, I remember he also got the invitation letter.”
Qin Mu’s father, Qin Long, has a special position. Although his level is not high, he is often very useful, and many people are still willing to flatter him.
“It should be on the way, I’ll wait for him at the door, Mr. Gao, please do it first!”
Qin Mu said.
Gao Cheng didn’t say anything. There are almost everyone here. He needs to go up and see if there are any problems.
In such important occasions, there must be no problems. What’s more, he has to show his face in front of more powerful people, so that they can remember himself.
Remember yourself, the future Shenghai underground circle, the third-ranked controller!
Qin Mu stood at the door and waited for Qin Long, thinking in his heart, I have to find a beautiful woman from this reception tonight. How can I comfort my frightened little brother?
The ticket was returned, and the woman who would serve people the most, also ran away in anger, which made Qin Mu agitated.
He was thinking that an ordinary Mercedes C-class car drove to the entrance of the lobby.
Qin Mu looked up and sneered, “Benz C-class? Those who drive this kind of car are also eligible to come to the reception tonight?”
The price of this car is not enough for them to spend a few days.
When the car stopped in the lobby, Jiang Ning got out of the driving position, opened the door, and helped Lin Yuzhen to get out of the car.
As soon as her feet in high heels stretched out of the car, Qin Mu’s eyes straightened instantly!

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