Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 530

“Hey, Mr. Gao understands me. I just saw her at the door, driving a Mercedes C-class. Look at the man next to her. He is her driver. He is dressed in ordinary clothes. If you want to come, he should not be a big family. .”
Seeing cars and knowing people can be regarded as their most basic skills.
Gao Cheng didn’t care much. With his current status and status, what woman did he not? He didn’t want to compete with Qin Mu, he even enjoyed the feeling of identity and status.
“Well, it’s not a big family.”
If Gao Cheng confirmed it, Qin Mu knew it in his heart.
He laughed, raised his glass and motioned: “Okay, thank you, Mr. Gao, another day, I will be my host, my little brother. I heard that I have made some new tricks over there. Mr. Gao, he will definitely like it.”
Gao Cheng smiled, said nothing, and went to say hello to the others.
But Qin Mu cleared his throat, asked the waiter to add some red wine to himself, and walked directly towards Lin Yuzhen.
“Hello, lady.”
Qin Mu looked like a gentleman, bowed slightly, and looked very polite, “I don’t know which family of Shenghai is your surname, Miss? My name is Qin Mu, from the Qin family.”
Lin Yu really watched Jiang Ning and Su Yun discussing what to eat first, and when he heard a voice coming from his ear, he turned his head and glanced at him. He didn’t know him.
The other party is so polite, she naturally has to be polite, and nodded slightly: “Hello, my surname is Lin, and I am the general manager of the Lin Group.”
When Qin Mu heard this, his heart became more certain.
Lin Group?
I haven’t heard of it. Shenghai has never heard of a big company called Lin Group. It seems that it is not a big family.
“Lin Group, I’ve heard of it.”
But on his lips, he smiled and said, “My father is in Shenghai. Although his position is not very high, people who do business have to deal with him at all times. Miss Lin, let’s get to know what we need to help in the future. , Just find me directly.”
Jiang Ning and Su Yun, who were on the side, turned their heads and looked over when Qin Mu spoke.
The two looked at each other at the same time, and they immediately understood what purpose Qin Mu had.
“Thank you, we don’t know each other, Qin Shao is so polite, it makes me a little embarrassed.”
Lin Yu really smiled.
She is innocent, but not stupid.
“One time you are born, two times you are familiar, and three times you will be friends.”
Qin Mu smiled and took a step closer, only one step away from Lin Yu, “Miss Lin, can you invite you to dance?”
I have to say that Qin Mu’s approach to the girl is really clever. He keeps narrowing the distance until the two people have slight physical contact, and then down, everything will be settled.
He hasn’t missed it yet.
Qin Mu was about to stretch out his hand to catch Lin Yuzhen’s hand, and a figure stood in front of him.
“No way.”
Jiang Ning said directly, “If you want to dance, find someone else.”
When you don’t exist?
Qin Mu frowned when he saw it, his face sank slightly, a driver, dare to stop him?
“When you become a driver, you just need to be your own driver. You are not qualified to take care of the host’s affairs.”
Qin Mu smiled lightly, his tone full of disdain, “If this delays Miss Lin from doing business in the future, can you afford it? Get out of it!”
After speaking, he directly stretched out his hand, trying to push Jiang Ning away.
Jiang Ning didn’t have the slightest nonsense. He raised his hand and slapped Qin Mu directly back four or five steps before he stood firm.
Qin Mu was furious, covering his face, looking at Jiang Ning in disbelief. He did not expect that a lowly driver would dare to beat himself!

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