Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 532

Jiang Ning was still calm, watching five or six people approaching, squinting his eyes slightly, “Why, do you want to do it to me?”
Gao Cheng didn’t want to talk nonsense at all, the big man was coming soon, if he let him see this scene, then he would be in trouble.
“Throw them out to me!”
Five or six people rushed over immediately, one by one with a vicious spirit, and some even directly stretched out their hands to catch Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun!

But suddenly, five or six people flew out again, as if the sandbags were blown away, and hit the ground heavily, instantly unable to move.
Gao Chenglei was furious.
Jiang Ning still dare to resist?
Does he want to die!
This is a cocktail party held by the Gao family. Jiang Ning has repeatedly provoke the Gao family because he does not exist.
So many people around watched, if oneself can’t handle this matter well, what face is there in the underground circle of Shenghai?
Gao Cheng’s face suddenly became savage, and he said coldly: “Things that do not live or die, come here, pull them out and kill them, and feed the dogs!”
Wow, dozens of people gathered around at once, scaring the surrounding people, all of them turned pale, and I didn’t expect such a thing to happen again.
They were even more horrified. They dared to make trouble at the cocktail party held by the Gao family. The consequences were so serious.
Whose family is this anyway?
It’s too short-sighted!
That is Gao Cheng, a member of the Gao family!
Many people cast sympathetic glances at Jiang Ning and others, some gloated at misfortune, and some scoffed at the cocktail party held at the Gao family. This is because they think their lives are not long enough.
Dark people surrounded Jiang Ning and the others, and they were about to start immediately.
Suddenly, the sound of high heels came from the door, hurriedly and angry.
As soon as Gao Yali entered the door, she saw a group of people surrounding Jiangning, the heart almost jumping out.
Gao Bin, who followed behind her, felt a cold sweat on his palms!
That is Jiang Ning!
Now the Gao family members are all around Jiangning, so do you want to do something with Jiangning?
Are they crazy!
Gao Yali walked over quickly, opened her mouth and wanted to call Jiang Ning and bowed to him, but turned her head to think, Jiang Ning didn’t want to reveal her identity at all. With so many people at the reception, she didn’t dare to make any extravagances.
“what happened?”
She stared at Gao Cheng and sternly shouted, “Where is this? Is it your place to mess around!”
Gao Yali didn’t dare to scold Jiang Ning, not to mention, it would only be Gao Cheng’s fault, it could not be Jiang Ning.
Seeing that the Gao family’s sisters and brothers were all here, everyone present was silent. This is the Gao family’s sister and brother!
Especially Gao Bin, who beheaded the masters of the Zuo Family and Su Family, became famous in the first battle, and became a legend in the underground circle of Shenghai.
Jiang Ning and the others are going to finish.
Completely finished.
“Eldest sister, eldest brother, this kid made trouble at the reception and slapped Qin Shao twice. I want to drive him out!”
Gao Cheng sneered, complained directly to Gao Yali, gloating at Jiang Ning.
“He didn’t pay attention to our Gao family at all, and even asked me, is the Gao family great?”
His face was full of sarcasm and disdain. At this moment, seeing Gao Yali’s brother and sisters, he said loudly, “I tell you, my Gao family is amazing!”
Hearing this, Jiang Ning was still expressionless.
But the two brothers and sisters of Gao Yali, their complexions changed drastically, and they were almost frightened!
Gao Cheng, don’t fucking talk nonsense!
The Gao family is amazing?
In front of Jiang Ning, their Gao family is a fart!

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