Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 543

Interstellar Entertainment, business as usual.
The staff who come and go in the office are busy with their own affairs. The expressions on their faces can’t clearly tell that the company is about to be acquired.
Zhang Yi entered the Interstellar Entertainment Company and was a little surprised seeing the expressions on everyone’s faces.
After an hour, didn’t Wang Wei inform these employees to make preparations for the handover?
That’s right, the company was acquired. It was the boss’s business. What does it have to do with these ordinary employees? They just changed a payroll.
There is not much difference.
Zhang Yi smiled, beckoned, and a legal counselor followed him.
“Are the conditions set?”
“It’s done, Mr. Zhang, we won’t suffer.”
Zhang Yi nodded, not only would they not suffer, but they would make a lot of money.
He knew what Sun Linlin meant, and if he took down the interstellar entertainment company, he would squeeze Ye Qingwu severely, use the contract to restrain her, completely squeeze her value out, and then ruin her!
I have to say that women are more ruthless when they are ruthless.
“Let’s go, go through the handover procedures.”
Zhang Yi held his head high and walked directly towards Wang Wei’s office.
This first step is for Wang Wei to sign first.
“Boom boom boom.”
The more he held the winning ticket, the more gentle Zhang Yi appeared. He reached out and knocked on the door before he unscrewed the doorknob and pushed in.
“Mr. Wang, have everything packed, this office, I’m going to take it away.”
Zhang Yi opened the door and walked in, only to see Wang Wei sitting on the sofa instead of at the desk. At the same time, there were several people sitting together, sipping tea and chatting.
He froze for a moment. Did he come to the wrong place?
The person sitting there, turning his head to look at him, is Wang Wei, is he not ready yet?
What a courage!
“What are you taking away?”
Wang Wei glanced at Zhang Yi and pointed to the trash can by his feet, “Well, you can just take it away, as I will give it to you.”
Zhang Yi’s face sank.
“Wang Wei, don’t joke with me, you have no such qualifications.”
An hour ago, he had already said very clearly, this Star Entertainment Company, Wang Wei must sell it, and if he doesn’t sell it, he must also sell it!
Wang Wei didn’t take it seriously, did he really think they were joking?
In the entertainment industry, no one dares to offend them like this!
“No kidding,”
Wang Wei smiled and said faintly, “Frankly speaking, this Interstellar Entertainment company is not mine. I am just a part-time worker. I have no right to decide whether to sell the company or not.”
He got up, walked to Jiang Ning, and bowed slightly: “This, Mr. Jiang, is my boss. If you want to buy, you can only ask him.”
Zhang Yi’s eyes shrank slightly, turning his head to stare at Jiang Ning, who was sitting there with no expression on his face.
This guy is the real boss of StarCraft Entertainment?
Wang Wei turned out to be just a part-time worker.
It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter who it is, it’s the same.
Zhang Yi walked straight over, sat down in front of Jiang Ning, took out the contract from his bag, and wrote lightly: “It’s all the same, no matter who the boss is, you only need to sign a word, nothing else is different.”
He pushed the contract over and stared at Jiang Ning: “What should I say, I think Wang Wei has relayed it to you. What your decision is depends on how much you can get.”
In words, threats are full of meaning!
If Jiang Ning agrees, it’s still a normal business. If Jiang Ning doesn’t agree, it’s just a grab!
It’s such a person.

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