Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 545

Sun Linlin didn’t expect that Jiang Ning would dare to be so strong and directly interrupt Zhang Yi’s legs!
That’s my own person, I broke Zhang Yi’s leg and hit my face!
Knowing his relationship with the Lin Group, Sun Linlin didn’t get angry anymore. She was originally an enemy. If there is more hatred, it will be nothing.
Anyway, sooner or later, it will be counted. The more Jiang Ning provokes himself now, the worse he will die by then!
“Send people to the hospital. It’s really a waste. You can’t do anything about it.”
Sun Linlin snorted.
Zhang Yi’s acquisition plan here failed, and she naturally won’t waste time on it.
I wanted to use the simplest method to ruin Ye Qingwu, and by the way snipe the new products of the Lin Group, so that the Lin Group would lose this market before it landed in Shenghai.
In this way, to retaliate against Lin.
But now, the soft can’t do it, it looks like it has to be the hard one!
“Huh, a door-to-door son-in-law dares to be so arrogant, enough to see how arrogant this Lin group is!”
Sun Linlin lit another cigarette, thinking about how to do it.
“Ring Ling Ling—-”
Her cell phone rang, Sun Linlin was happy when she saw the number, and she immediately connected.
“Husband, are you here yet?”
Sun Linlin felt even better when she heard the answer from the other side.
“I know, when you are here, things will be much easier, I will wait for you in the hotel.”
People from the Song family, here comes!
This time, it was her husband, the second son of the Song family, Song Cheng.
She knew that the recent turbulence in Shenghai had greatly affected the layout of the Song family here. Song Cheng came here this time on behalf of the Song family to find out exactly what the reason was.
Sun Linlin didn’t wait long before Song Cheng arrived at the hotel. She recognized the few people who followed at a glance. They were all first-class masters.
Sun Linlin seemed to be a cat, and it was immediately glued to her, holding Song Cheng’s arm, intimidating.
“You can count on coming, if you don’t come again, your wife has been bullied to death!”
Song Cheng smiled and patted Sun Linlin’s hand: “My Song Cheng wife, who dares to bully?”
He sat down and Sun Linlin immediately made tea for him.
Several people stood at the door, not daring to disturb Song Cheng and his wife.
“It’s not the Lin Group, and Ye Qingwu!”
Sun Linlin snorted, “My grandson family, but they were miserable. Even your brother-in-law is now abolished.”
“I don’t care, I have to make this tone, or I will be unhappy every day.”
Song Cheng frowned slightly.
He has always known that Sun Linlin protects his family. Over the years, he has used the resources of the Song family to help the Sun family. Otherwise, how could an ordinary small company become a family in Jianzhou?
But now the Song family’s situation is different. To seek more status in the north, there are a lot of things that you can’t get involved in, but you have to be clear about it.
“Just a little bit of punishment, you can’t be too high-profile now. You forgot what Dad said?”
How dare Sun Linlin forget.
No matter how arrogant and domineering she was, she would only be the daughter-in-law of the Song family after all. She could rely on the Song family to live a life of fine clothes and food, but she did not dare to affect any major events in the Song family.
Otherwise, the end will not be too good.
“Of course it’s just a small punishment. It’s a nasty breath.”
She snorted, “The Song family’s important affairs are important, I know, how can it be so inadequate.”
Song Cheng nodded, so that’s good.
“When I come to Shenghai this time, there are other things to do. Of course, whoever irritates my wife, I will naturally not sit idly by.”
Song Cheng said, “The two people at the door, let you use them first, remember, just a little punishment, don’t cause death.”
“Got it, husband!”
Sun Linlin squinted her eyes and laughed, reaching out to pull Songcheng’s clothes, she couldn’t wait to hide her eyes, “husband, haven’t seen me in a few days, do you want me?”
Song Cheng smiled and leaned back on the sofa, letting Sun Linlin act recklessly, “What do you mean?”
“Then… Then do you miss my body or my voice.”
Her hand, like a water snake, reached directly through the opening of her shirt, stroking Song Cheng’s chest, “Or, think about both?”
Sun Linlin was so angry that she whispered in Song Cheng’s ear, “Let me see how much you miss me…”

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