Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 548

The strength is indeed good. Jiang Ning drew sideways and probably judged it. The strength of these two men is close to Gao Bin, and they can be called a master, but there is still not a small distance.
In this world, there are many people with good skills and many who are close to the master, but there are only so many who can be called a master.
Almost, it’s just goodbye!
Jiang Ning even said that the grandmaster would kill and kill, let alone these smoked sweet potatoes, rotten bird eggs?
Jiang Ning suddenly reached out his hand, squeezed the man’s hand holding the dagger, and with a light force, the man’s face suddenly turned pale, and he felt that his bones were about to crack!
Still the kind of pain that is slowly being fractured!
“Song family, who is here?”
Jiang Ning asked directly.
“I don’t understand what you are talking about!”
“Is it.”
Jiang Ning smiled, “I just want to know who the Song family wants to die in my hands.”
Hearing that, the man’s face was even paler, and the fear in his eyes could not be concealed at all.
too strong!
The two of them are very powerful masters in the Song family, but in front of Jiang Ning’s eyes, they are like babies. This… how is this possible?
Could it be said that this Shenghai, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, and their northern families, masters who don’t know!
Jiang Ning violently squeezed the man’s wrist off!
“Are you arrogant, do you know now?”
After speaking, Jiang Ning turned the knife into his palm, cut it on the man’s neck, and directly knocked him out.
He glanced at the traced line and snorted.
If they are allowed to succeed, then today’s concert will be a big deal.
A few people came in.
“Take it away, ask me what I want, these, you are good at it.”
“Brother don’t worry.”
The old eight and a few people immediately dragged the two away.
Outside, the concert went well.
The atmosphere at the scene has already made people feel like they have entered a crazy state!
The chorus of the audience was deafening and echoed over the entire stadium.
Even Sun Linlin, who was originally just to see Ye Qingwu’s destruction with her own eyes, was a bit infected by the atmosphere of the scene at the moment, surprised that Ye Qingwu’s favor was so terrible.
If such an artist is under her company’s banner, I don’t know how much benefit can be squeezed out!
Unfortunately, Ye Qingwu was going to be destroyed.
According to her plan, just in this song!
This is the most explosive and enthusiastic dance, with sound waves rolling. In the stage design, in the climax of the music, there will be colorful smoke rising into the sky.
And this time, it was Sun Linlin’s arrangement to start!
This moment is coming soon.
Sun Linlin raised a smirking smile at the corner of her mouth, raised her head slightly, and looked at Ye Qingwu who was performing on the stage.
She seemed to see a rising star, but before it reached the highest point, she quickly fell!
“Ye Qingwu, this is the last time you sang.”
Sun Linlin counted the time and counted down in her heart.
“3, 2, 1…bye!”

Colorful smoke rose into the sky, and Sun Linlin seemed to see the light of the fire and rushed directly to the front audience!
She seemed to see that the whole scene suddenly became chaotic, crying, crying for help, and heart-piercing screams resounding throughout the stadium!
However, the scene she expected did not appear at all.
On the contrary, the atmosphere of the scene rose to the extreme in an instant because of the colorful smoke!
Some fans even fainted excitedly.
“how can that be?”
Sun Linlin’s face changed, “Why didn’t it appear! Impossible!”

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