Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 550

“Ah! Ye Qingwu! It’s Ye Qingwu!”
“She heard our voices! She came out!”
“It’s Ye Qingwu! She wants to sing one more song!”
Ye Qingwu came up from the underground elevator, raised the microphone, and said in a loud voice: “Thank you for your support, tonight, the last song, for those unexpected listeners, the song is–“.
“Who do you think you are!”
The gymnasium boiled again.
“Ah, it’s this song! What a domineering song! Support Ye Qingwu!”
The atmosphere on the scene became more and more high, like a wave, frantically surging.
And Sun Linlin’s face was extremely ugly.
She clearly felt that Ye Qingwu’s song was specially sung for herself.
Ye Qingwu they are mocking themselves, what are they!
Sun Linlin’s face was red and she had never suffered such humiliation. Ye Qingwu was deliberately humiliating herself, and she was in front of so many audiences.
She is looking for death!
Although no one knew, Sun Linlin felt very uncomfortable.
“Ye Qingwu, you are dead! And that Jiang Ning, you all must die!”
Sun Linlin is still in the mood to stay here, stepping on high heels, and leaving, but the excited fans all stood up, the aisle was also blocked, and she simply couldn’t make it through.
“Get out! Get out… Ah!”
One accidentally, Sun Linlin was pushed by someone, her high heels were unstable, her ankles were tilted, she fell to the ground, her palm just pressed on a bottle of overturned drink, and she was very disgusting when she looked at it.
Sun Linlin was so angry that she wanted to scold her mother, but her voice was instantly drowned in the excitement of cheers.
Running out of the gymnasium, Sun Linlin lost one of her high heels, her hair is messy, and her expensive skirt was torn open, revealing a hint of whiteness.
The security guard at the door couldn’t help but look at it two more times, so angry that Sun Linlin wanted to kill!
“Ye Qingwu! I want you to look good! I want you to die!”
Sun Linlin screamed, her face pale with anger.
She immediately took the car and returned to the hotel.
Song Cheng was explaining things to his subordinates.
“We have investigated this entire Shenghai, and there is no master-level master.”
The speaker, called Qin Kangsen, was the strongest person under Song Cheng, and it was rumored that he was most likely to reach the level of a grandmaster before he was fifty.
“Is it possible, he is hidden, you can’t detect it?”
Song Cheng appeared very cautious.
Last time the Zuo family and the Su family were killed by the Gao family, which caused an uproar and made all the families of the northern surnames jealous.
It is even said that even the real rich and powerful families have sent people to investigate in Shenghai.
“Not too possible.”
Qin Kangsen shook his head: “A master with the strength of a master, disdain to hide himself.”
What he said was not a lie. He could have that kind of strength, and he would be regarded as a master everywhere, and he could get enough awe. Why should he hide himself?
What’s more, it is still a high family, a mere high family, unworthy!
Song Cheng frowned.
This is so strange.
Since the Gao family has no masters at the master level, how did they counter-kill the Zuo family and the Su family?
This is obviously impossible!
The Zuo family and the Su family, among the younger generation, there are five or six masters, and they are not much worse than the Qin Kangsen in front of them. How did the Gao family do it?
“Second Young Master, I guess, there is only one possibility.”
Seeing that Song Cheng couldn’t figure it out, Qin Kangsen spoke.
“you said.”
“Persons with master-level strength will not be moved by their wealth status, because these are within their reach,”
Qin Kangsen said, “There is basically only one possibility for them to make a move, and that is the master, who owes the Gao family’s favor. For this favor, he shot and saved the Gao family.”
“Other than that, I’m afraid there is no other explanation.”

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