Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 551

Song Cheng’s eyes lit up.
How could he not expect this.
Those masters can be regarded as big shots, and they don’t care about money and status, because for them, to get this is just a matter of opening their mouths.
The only thing that allows them to make a move is favor!
And this kind of thing can only be used once.
Song Cheng looked at Conson, and was silent for a moment, his mouth gradually smiled. He felt that the truth must be like this.
In addition to this, it is impossible at all, and there is a second possibility.
“This Gao family seems to have never heard of a master-level master who has something to do with him, and he owes him favors.”
Song Cheng was still cautious, and he didn’t dare to take action easily if he didn’t understand the matter clearly.
“This kind of secret matter is naturally difficult for outsiders to understand. Even Gao Shenghai is dead. I am afraid this favor will be completely repaid.”
Qin Kangsen said.
With that said, everything makes sense.
This possibility is the greatest, Song Cheng is even 80% sure, he asks a few more questions, just want to convince himself!
Now that Sheng Hai does not have a master-level master, even if he takes action to destroy the Gao family and retake Shenghai’s territory, it is too late for that master to make another move.
In this world, who is willing to fight against the northern family for the sake of a favor?
That is extremely irrational.
In Song Cheng’s mind, he suddenly thought of Remnant Sword, and shook his head directly. I am afraid that there will only be one such lunatic in a few hundred years.
“You can confirm it again, as long as the confirmation is correct, then we are ready to do it!”
Song Cheng’s expression was stern, “Now that the Su family and Zuo family are gone, my Song family takes this opportunity to take down the Shenghai underground circle and re-support the three thousand upper left. Then the entire resources of Shenghai will fall into me. The hands of the Song family!”
He suddenly felt proud.
Originally, the Song family’s plan was to allow this Shenghai to be controlled by the Zuo family and the Su family at the same time, so that his Song family can also get half of the resources, which is considered to have met their expectations.
This is his elder brother, Song Gang’s plan.
But now, he can take the entire Shenghai underground circle into his pocket!
This is much better than his elder brother Song Gang.
In the future, there will be one more bargaining chip in the competition for the position of the master, a crucial bargaining chip!
Qin Kangsen handed over and said respectfully, “Please rest assured that the second master, I will do it for the second master!”
Song Cheng nodded and said nothing.
He seemed to have seen the destruction of the Gao family, and this Shenghai underground circle completely fell into his hands.
In the future, he can use this performance to control the Song Family and become the next Patriarch of the Song Family!
He was thinking that when the door of the suite was pushed open directly, Sun Linlin looked extremely embarrassed and ran in angrily.
Her hair was messy, her clothes were torn apart, and there was only one high heel shoes on her feet.
Song Cheng’s expression changed: “What happened?”
His eyes motioned Qin Kangsen to leave first, then stood up, and quickly walked over, helped Sun Linlin to sit down, and brought her slippers to put on, “What happened, how did you become like this, those two guys?”
“You are so embarrassed to ask me!”
Sun Linlin said angrily, “You said that the two of them are reliable, and the matter is left to them. There is absolutely no problem, but the result?
“Waste! Waste! Waste!”
She almost cried.
Being in front of tens of thousands of people by Ye Qingwu, she sent a song “What are you?”, this is simply humiliating her.
Not to mention, I fell somersault and the shoes fell out, and I couldn’t find it. This is a limited edition!
“When they come back, I have to clean them up.”
Song Cheng quickly comforted, “Don’t cry.”
“Your wife is bullied, you just say, let me not cry, why don’t you give me revenge!”
Sun Linlin cried aggrievedly, “Does it mean that your wife has been bullied to death before you are willing to take action!”
“What the hell is going on, tell me clearly, and I will help you take revenge.”
Song Cheng said immediately.

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