Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 555

Gao Yali’s two brothers nodded immediately.
They know what Jiangning means. Shenghai wants to copy the model of the East China Sea, and even in the future, there will be more cities. To copy the model of the East China Sea, they need to establish rules to make the model of the East China Sea forbidden to become a signboard!
Let those people dare not start easily, because whoever reaches out will cut off their hands!
Jiang Ning sat there, and Gao Yali poured tea for him herself.
“For these big-name families in the north, the future head of the family will all need their children to compete. This Song family eldest Song Gang, the second Songcheng, and two daughters.”
Gao Yali checked a lot of news, “Of course, there is also a younger son, Song Xiaoyu, who is said to be the father of the Song family, but he is not very favored and has no strength.”
No one cares about Song Xiaoyu, the youngest son of the Song family, because everyone knows that the future Patriarch of the Song family will only arise between Song Gang and Song Cheng, and will have nothing to do with Song Xiaoyu.
“This Song City is cautious. It has been two days in Shenghai, but he didn’t even do anything.”
Jiang Ning took a sip of tea: “He is afraid that the su and Zuo family’s anti-killing incident will happen again.”
I have to say that Song Cheng is indeed very cautious. He is smart when he is careful to make the Wannian Ship.
However, his purpose is to snatch the underground circle of Shenghai back, and time is very tight. He needs to get things done before others can react, then he will definitely take action.
And, as soon as possible.
“Mr. Jiang, will you take action this time?”
Gao Bin is more worried about this.
As long as Jiang Ning takes the shot, what else should they worry about?
Don’t talk about Song City, even if the entire Song family from the north comes, it is definitely not Jiang Ning’s opponent!
“Do not.”
Jiang Ning shook his head and turned to look at the two brothers and sisters of Gao Yali, “You are in control of the underground circle of Shenghai, and I will not interfere too much.”
Hearing that, Gao Yali was a little nervous, and Gao Bin’s Adam’s apple slipped.
Jiang Ning won’t make a move?
Then, how do their Gao family fight against the Song family!
That Qin Kangsen is no ordinary person, Gao Bin can hold him, but it is extremely difficult to beat him.
Not to mention, there are several masters under Song Cheng.
In this way, the Gao family, this time is really dangerous, and the challenge is great!
“But I brought you someone.”
Jiang Ning beckoned, Brother Gou grunted, and stood out, with a hint of pride in the expression on his face.
“Agou, I will stay in Shenghai for a month to help you train some people,”
Jiang Ning said calmly, “There is only one Gao Bin in the Gao family. It is far from enough. More people are needed to come forward. I hope you cherish this opportunity.”
“Brother don’t worry, I will train them hard!”
Dog Gelang said.
“Then Songcheng…”
“Don’t worry, with his cautious character, he won’t make a move in these few days.”
Is it just a few days?
Gao Yali and Gao Bin are still worried in their hearts.
Jiang Ning only sent Brother Gou. Although they were given a month, is it too late?
If Song Cheng brought people to kill in a few days, how would they resist it?
Obviously, Jiang Ning saw the worry in Gao Yali’s heart.
He laughed, turned his head to look at Brother Gou, and said lightly: “Agou, it seems, they don’t trust you very much.”
Brother Gou was not angry either. In terms of individual combat strength, he was even worse than Gao Bin. After all, he had not been with Jiang Ning for a long time.
But Gou Si has no fear.
“I will let them know that there is no waste to stay with Big Brother!”

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