Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 558

After speaking, Jiang Ning entered the room and closed the door with a bang.
Standing at the door, Jiang Hai let out a sigh of relief. He found that his back was completely drenched.
Even if he is a strong man, he is not weaker than Ye Xinhuo, but he has seen Jiang Ning’s terrifying strength with his own eyes, and he knows that even if five of him join forces, they are not Jiang Ning’s opponents.
Jiang Ning’s horror is simply not understandable by ordinary people!
“Miss Lin, thank you.”
Jiang Hai was grateful.
He didn’t want to stay any longer, and left immediately, lest Jiang Ning regretted it.
In the room, Lin Yu really looked at Jiang Ning carefully, and clearly felt that Jiang Ning’s mood seemed a bit wrong.
“You’re angry.”
Lin Yuzhen said.
Jiang Ning shook his head.
“You are just angry.”
Lin Yu really snorted, walked to Jiang Ning, raised her head slightly, and stared at Jiang Ning’s eyes, “Are you angry with me?”
“I won’t drink anymore, okay?”
Jiang Ning looked at Lin Yuzhen, couldn’t help but laughed, and rubbed her head dozingly.
Of course he knew that Lin Yu really saw it because of Jiang Hai, but she still took the matter to herself.
Jiang Ning said in a huff, “If I drink in the future, I will complain to my mother and let her clean up you!”
“Ah? Then don’t you clean me up?”
“I’m not willing.”
“Who was that person just now?”
“Okay, I won’t ask anymore…”

The cafe downstairs.
Jiang Daoran sat there, and the coffee placed in front of him did not move.
He never drinks coffee, but thinks that young girls like Lin Yuzhen should like them.
“Jiang Ning is back?”
Jiang Daoran didn’t worry at all, but laughed, “You are still alive, this kid didn’t kill you.”
“Miss Lin pleaded for me.”
Jiang Haidao, “She is a kind girl.”
If Lin Yu hadn’t really pleaded with him today, Jiang Hai would be sure that Jiang Ning would never let him go.
Carrying him, approaching Lin Yuzhen, this is tantamount to breaking his taboo!
Don’t say it’s himself, even Jiang Daoran, I’m afraid Jiang Ning would dare to start.
“Oh, this girl, intercede for you? How did she intercede,”
Jiang Daoran curiously said, “She doesn’t seem to know you, right.”
“It’s just that I feel Jiang Ning is angry. I don’t want to make Jiang Ning angry, and I don’t want to see me hurt.”
Jiang Hai said seriously.
He took a deep breath.
“Patriarch, I think you still shouldn’t approach Miss Lin. It’s too dangerous, especially now, Master doesn’t want to care about you at all, I’m worried that he really…”
Jiang Daoran laughed.
“He will really kill you.”
Jiang Ning would not forgive Lin Daoran for what happened back then. No matter what, he would not forgive him. If it hadn’t been for someone to stop him before, Jiang Daoran would have died.
He died under Jiang Ning’s hands!
“That’s it.”
Jiang Daoran got up and said, “Since I won’t let you see, then I’ll be gone. Probably, I also know what kind of person this girl is.”
After speaking, he left directly with a complicated expression on his face. Jiang Hai didn’t know what his mood was like now.
“Patriarch, are you going back to the north?”
Jiang Hai immediately followed.
He didn’t want to stay in Shenghai for a moment.
Where Jiang Ning is there, it is terrible. Especially, he needs to protect Jiang Daoran personally. Once he meets Jiang Ning, what can he do?
“What to do when I go back, I finally came out and walked around.”
Jiang Daoran said casually.
“Where to go?”
“East China Sea!”
Jiang Daoran smiled, “Since I’m not allowed to see this girl, then I can see the girl’s parents and my future in-laws. There is always no problem, right?”

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