Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 560

At that time, in the Gaojia Manor.
Gao Bin has completely renovated the open space in the backyard in accordance with the requirements of Brother Dog.
This is of course not comparable to those training institutions designed by Jiangning, but it was also designed after Gou’s comprehension and his own experience.
When he saw these training equipment, Gao Bin hadn’t reacted yet, but after Gou asked him to try it by himself, Gao Bin sweating profusely realized how terrible these training equipment were.
In just three days, the dozens of people he gathered here have changed a lot!
Gao Bin didn’t dare to say that their strength could improve by leaps and bounds in just a few days, but their combat awareness had been greatly improved.
This kind of change is often more terrifying than simply improving strength, because it is an instinct that goes deep into the bones.
Once a habit is formed, what needs to be improved in the future is more of strength, speed, and agility.
Gao Bin was really shocked.
He even couldn’t believe it, but this was true and happened before his eyes.
“Brother Dog, I’m Gao Bin, take it.”
Gao Bin looked at Brother Dog and said solemnly.
Brother Gou snorted.
“Just six months ago, I was not much better than them,”
He glanced at Gao Bin lightly, “Do you know what I mean?”
Gao Bin took a deep breath.
Try to suppress the shock in your heart, half a year?
Now the strength of Brother Gou is only slightly worse than himself.
But when their brothers join forces, they can easily kill themselves!
Such a terrifying strength was only improved in half a year?
Just kidding!
“Following Big Brother, the things you can get are far beyond your imagination. Big Brother is the most powerful man I have ever seen. There is no one.”
Brother Gou sighed and sighed with emotion, “My ideal in this life is to always follow my eldest brother, even if I die, I am willing.”
Gao Bin didn’t speak, he felt his face a little numb.
How powerful is Jiangning?
He seemed to be an abyss, unfathomable, with his own eyes, he couldn’t see clearly where Jiang Ning’s limit was.
Perhaps Jiang Ning didn’t know it himself.
“I understand, thank you for your advice, Brother Gou.”
Gao Bin nodded, “These people, what to do next, there will be a lot of experts from the Song family. With our current strength, I’m afraid we can’t fight them yet.”
Brother Gou snorted, “Don’t worry, the battle formation skills will be taught to you.”
“Brother is not such a stingy person.”
Gao Bin smirked.
“When will…”
“right now!”
Brother Gou suddenly yelled, “You bastards, get out of me, immediately!”
“Time is running out. I want you to realize it right away. That’s impossible. Even if your brains are better than my dog ​​brother, there is only one way now…”
The dozens of people standing in front of Brother Gou turned pale in terror when they heard the way Gou said.
But immediately, their eyes became extremely firm again.
Even Gao Bin didn’t have any opinions.
Only if you have a chance to live, if you don’t work hard, you will die!

Time is like running water.
The night gradually fell silent.
Shenghai is a prosperous metropolis, but it is a scenery at night.
Only tonight, it seems that the weather has suddenly become a bit cooler, the dark sky, there is no cloud, and the black pressure is a little depressing.
Jiang Ning was still in the hotel and in the study, Lin Yu really patiently looked at the data report, and was working on a new product promotion plan.
“Brother, don’t we need to help?”
Lao Ba and a few people stood behind Jiang Ning, a little worried, “The people from the Song family are not weak, and there are two people who can deal with Gou and Gao Bin. They…”

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