Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 563

“You are the only one left.”
There is still blood on the corner of the dog’s mouth, but his eyes are full of madness. He is not afraid of death, and has no fear!
He walked up to Gao Bin, who was already sweating profusely.
The two looked at each other, and the murderous intent in their eyes broke out in an instant.
More than a dozen people, crazy, all rushed towards Qin Kangsen.
The battle is extremely fierce, and it can even be said to be tragic!
Only five or six people from the Gao family were killed and injured before Qin Kangsen was seriously injured.
Brother Gou stepped off Qin Kangsen’s two arms.
Qin Kangsen screamed, “Mad! You are all crazy!”
“Hehe, no madness, no survival.”
Jiang Ning told them that people have to fulfill themselves. If they don’t dare to fight, what is the point of keeping a low life?
Brother Gou smiled, but in Qin Kangsen’s eyes, it was more terrifying than the devil.
“You…who are you!”
Qin Kangsen gritted his teeth with a grim expression, “The Gao family, there is no such person as you!”
The dog brother in front of him was definitely not a master-level master, otherwise he would have died a long time ago.
Brother Dog opened his mouth and smiled, “It’s just a dog under the eldest brother, like me… there are more than thirty.”
Qin Kangsen’s head buzzed as if he had been struck by lightning.
There are more than 30 crazy people like Brother Gou?
Who is their eldest brother?
Could it be that powerhouse with master-level strength!
Brother Gou stepped on Qin Kangsen’s body and turned to look at Gao Bin and the others.
“Have you remembered what I said to you?”
He shouted loudly, “As long as anyone dares to break into Shenghai and make trouble, shoot him out of Shenghai! Even if they die, they must be beaten out!”
Gao Bin and others shouted in unison.
What Brother Gou taught them was not just training methods, but not just battle formation techniques.
And fierce!
And fearless!
In order to protect Shenghai, you can sacrifice everything, including your own life!
Qin Kangsen was numb.
This Shenghai…what the hell is it!
so horrible!
“Leave your life, go back and tell you the master,”
Brother Gou sneered and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, “This underground circle of the sea belongs to my elder brother, he dare to come again…”
“Kill! Nothing! Pardon!”
“Throw him out for me!”
Qin Kangsen was like a dead dog and was thrown directly out of the gate of the Gao family.
He trembled all over, broke his arms, and struggled for a long time before he got up from the ground and fled back in a panic.
When he returned to the hotel, Song Cheng was in a fierce battle with Sun Linlin, and he was about to win the underground circle of Shenghai. He was in a great mood.
The door of the room was suddenly knocked open. Sun Linlin screamed in fright and hurriedly pulled up the quilt to wrap herself up.
Song Cheng stood up abruptly, and was shocked when he saw Qin Kangsen covered in blood with his arms bent and embarrassed.
“What, what’s going on!”
He was shocked, how did Qin Kangsen become like this.
“Dead… all dead!”
Qin Kangsen’s voice trembled, “The people of the Gao family are all lunatics! All are lunatics!”
His voice made Song Cheng’s scalp numb.
“Second Young Master, go!”
Qin Kangsen leaned against the door and slowly slid down, the blood on his body, on the white door, made a bright red mark…
I can see that Song Cheng and Sun Linlin are cold!
“Quickly leave Shenghai!”

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