Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 564

After speaking, Qin Kangsen passed out.
Song Cheng quickly jumped off the bed, picked up his pants and put them on, and rushed to Qin Kangsen.
“Wake up! You wake up!”
He turned his head and looked at Sun Linlin with a frightened face, “Put your clothes on!”
Things are in trouble.
How could it become like this.
This was something that was originally under control, but there was an accident again.
He suddenly remembered that the Zuo family and the Su family were killed by the Gao family, which made Song Cheng feel nervous, and hurriedly called the bodyguard outside the door.
“Deal with his injury!”
Songcheng asked Qin Kangsen to deal with it.
He took a deep breath and calmed himself down.
At this moment, where is he still in the mood, he behaved ill-fated with Sun Linlin.
Just being so scared by Qin Kangsen, he hasn’t shaken his mind up to now, and his lower body has long been unresponsive.
“Husband…what’s the matter?”
Sun Linlin put on the clothes, her face turned pale.
On the door, the traces of blood left by Qin Kangsen are still shocking!
“problem occurs.”
Qin Kangsen didn’t say clearly, so he passed out. To know what happened, he can only say it after he wakes up.
Song Cheng’s face was solemn, and he always felt something was wrong.
How could this Gao family become so powerful?
It’s impossible!
How can Gao Bin resist Qin Kangsen, a group of lunatics? Where did the lunatic come from?
Songcheng stayed up all night.
In the morning, Qin Kangsen woke up, and the first words he opened his eyes were: “Go! Get out of Shenghai!”
“What the hell happened!”
Song Cheng shouted sternly, “There are other masters in the Gao family? Haven’t you investigated, but Gao Bin is the only one!”
Qin Kangsen took a few deep breaths: “There is indeed only Gao Bin alone, but Gao Bin… is not the most terrifying.”
Song Cheng wanted to slap Qin Kangsen a few times. What does it mean that the master is only Gao Bin, but he is not the most terrifying?
“Second Young Master, don’t ask, leave Shenghai immediately. This is not a place for us to get involved. Leave now!”
Qin Kangsen shook his head, wondering what to say.
The people of Brother Gou are really like dead men, incomparably crazy. What makes him horrified is that more than a dozen people’s battle formation skills, such as the cooperation of spears and shields, don’t even mention themselves, even stronger people. It’s definitely not good.
Not to mention, there is another Gao Bin, with infinite strength, and the power of two iron rods is too violent!
“go away?”
Song Cheng frowned slightly.
Qin Kangsen has been with him for many years, and he is the strongest person under his hand. Qin Kangsen was frightened like this. Is this Shenghai really hell?
“If you don’t leave, it will be too late!”
Qin Kangsen roared anxiously.
Hearing that, Song Cheng dare not hesitate any more.
He immediately said, “We will go back to Song’s house immediately!”
With that, he turned and left.
“Husband, we can’t go!”
Sun Linlin stopped him, “Didn’t you tell me, you want to avenge me, and you want to clean up the Ye Qingwu and Lin clique!”
She bit her lip and her face was aggrieved. She waited for this day for a long time.
Now Song Cheng suddenly said that he wanted to go back, wasn’t that a lie to her.
“The situation is urgent, Shenghai is too dangerous…”
“That’s the danger of the Gao family. We don’t want to provoke it, but Star Entertainment, and that Lin, what are they?”
Sun Linlin shook her head and said, “It’s just to tidy up them. We don’t waste time at all. We will leave as soon as we finish tidying up, okay?”
If she didn’t deal with the Lin Group and Ye Qingwu, she couldn’t hold back the breath in her heart!
Qin Kangsen heard this, and was so angry that he wanted to scold his mother. When is the time, he cares about the trivial things!
If you don’t go, you might not be able to go!
That dog brother, keeping his life, just let himself come back and tell Song Cheng, but he won’t give them too many opportunities.
Song Cheng also sighed in his heart.
Thinking that he was winning, he even thought about what a majestic and majestic thing it would be to become the Patriarch of the Song family in the future.
But now?
Want him to roll out of Shenghai in embarrassment?
He couldn’t swallow this breath!

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