Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 567

“Bitch! Did you hurt me on purpose! Bitch!”
If it weren’t for Sun Linlin, he would have left Shenghai now, and there would have been extra branches!
Sun Linlin yelled, covered her face, and fell to the ground, her face full of horror, Song Cheng actually beat her!
“You…do you dare to beat me! Ah, ah, I did it with you! I did it with you!”
Sun Linlin became angry from embarrassment, like a madman, rushed to Songcheng and swooped.
The two became entangled at once.
Song Cheng’s attack was extremely cruel. He really hated Sun Linlin, a bitch woman. If it weren’t for her, how could he have reached this point.
He is done!
He knew he was completely finished!
Entering this Shenghai means entering a hell, don’t even think about leaving now.
“Give you a chance, but you don’t cherish it,”
Brother Dog snorted, not wanting to waste time, “Since you don’t want to leave, then don’t leave!”
Interstellar Entertainment is upstairs.
No one cares what just happened.
Jiang Ning told them, who Song Cheng and Sun Linlin were, and what they did, no one would sympathize with them.
Especially Sun Linlin, who almost caused a terrible accident at the concert, is not worthy of forgiveness.
Jiang Ning didn’t plan to kill her, because she would be even more miserable if she returned to Song’s home in the north!
At this moment, Ye Qingwu and several people in the recording studio were all inside.
Lin Yuzhen and Su Yun were fortunate enough to participate in the event. They sang a chord, which made them excited.
Jiang Ning was sitting outside, and Gao Yali was on the side.
“Sun Linlin told her to go back, Song Cheng and the others stay.”
Jiang Ning nodded.
“You did a good job.”
This is the same as my own thoughts. I have to say that Gao Yali is really a smart woman and understands Jiang Ning’s thoughts very well.
“From now on, those so-called big-name families in the north will be able to weigh in when they want to start with Sheng Hai.”
Gao Yali was grateful.
Because Jiang Ning didn’t make a move this time, but the reputation of the Gao family was further enhanced.
It is no longer just the people behind the Gao family that others are afraid of. Even the Gao family is an existence they dare not look down upon easily!
This Shenghai will be guarded by his Gao family from now on!
“Well, don’t worry, Sheng Hai, I will take care of it.”
Gao Yali said to Jiang Ning, and also said to herself.
The news spread quickly.
In just one day, the news that Song Cheng, the second young master of the Song family, had been damaged in Shenghai spread throughout the north.
Arouse the shock of the major families in the north!
Some time ago, the story of the Su family and the Zuo family besieging the Gao family, but was killed by the Gao family, now, the second young master of the Song family can’t wait to harvest the Gao family.
Unexpectedly, it turned out to be such a result!
When Sun Linlin returned to Song’s house, her face was swollen by Song Weiming.
“What’s going on! What’s going on! How could Song Cheng die!”
He was furious.
It’s all dead!
Song Cheng, including the master Qin Kangsen and others he brought, none of them could come back alive, all were dead!
He originally thought that Song City would be able to encircle the Gao family and bring the underground circle of Shenghai back to the Song family once again, but he did not think that this would be the result.
“Demon… Demon…”
Sun Linlin covered her face, disheveled her hair, only knows how to smirk, her eyes are terrified, “It’s a devil! They are a devil!”
“Shenghai is hell! Shenghai is hell! Whoever goes there must die!”
She screamed bitterly, and her voice made her scalp numb!

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