Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 569

Song Gang couldn’t tell.
“This time, there is no master at all. It’s just the Gao family. Who else is there? Even the Gao family can’t handle it, let alone the people behind!”
Song Weiming said angrily.
Song Gang dared not speak any more.
The current Shenghai is a mystery, and even a whirlpool. Anyone who enters will have to die.
“I reminded my second brother last time, don’t go to Shenghai lightly, it’s too dangerous there.”
“Why don’t you remind him a few more times.”
Seeing Song Xiaoyu sitting on the side speak, Song Gang immediately responded and snorted, “If you stop him, he won’t die!”
“In the Song family, is anyone willing to listen to me?”
Song Xiaoyu wasn’t angry at all, spreading his hands, a touch of helplessness appeared on his face.
In the Song family, he seems to have no status.
Not only the two older brothers did not pay attention to him, even the two married sisters did not care about him.
He is like a transparent person, even if he doesn’t think he is worse than Song Gang and Song Cheng.
“Okay, stop arguing.”
Song Weiming shouted, “When is it all, and my family is arguing there!”
“Song Cheng’s death must be explained!”
He stood up with a grim expression, “No matter who it is, if you dare to kill my Song family, you must pay the price, the price of blood!”
“Not bad!”
Song Gang also stood up and said loudly, “Dad, as long as you give an order, I will take people to Shenghai immediately. The Gao family must be paid back!”
“can not go.”
Song Xiaoyu shook his head.
To go to Shenghai now is simply to die. This is the time when the Shenghai family is standing up, let alone the Song family, no matter who goes, they will attack fiercely regardless of everything!
“Song Xiaoyu!”
Song Gang yelled, “Don’t you want to raise other people’s ambitions and destroy your own prestige!”
He pointed at Song Xiaoyu and shouted angrily: “My Song family, isn’t all like you, greedy for life and fear of death!”
Song Xiaoyu shook his head.
“I’m not afraid of death…”
“Get out!”
Song Gang didn’t listen at all, squinted his eyes and sneered, “No need to explain, even if my Song family does not have you, it will not have any impact. If you dare to lose the face of my Song family, even if your dad doesn’t clean up you, I will Pack you up!”
Song Xiaoyu laughed, turned to look at Song Weiming, and lowered his eyelids when he saw that he was not talking.
He said nothing, waved his hand, and walked out of the hall.
Song Xiaoyu left the hall, Song Gang still cursed, leaving no trace of affection.
“Dad, you can’t pet him anymore.”
Song Gang hummed, “My Song family wants to go to the next level. It requires everyone to work together. I don’t want to have people, do nothing, and still talk cold words there. This will affect the morale of the Song family.”
Song Weiming still did not speak.
He doesn’t care about Song Xiaoyu. In fact, when this young son was born, he still had some expectations.
Only when Song Gang and Song Cheng both grew up, with these two right-hand men, Song Xiaoyu didn’t seem to stand out at all.
Even, often say something different from his own, which makes Song Weiming very unhappy.
The Patriarch of the dignified Song family, would make so many mistakes?
“He doesn’t even see me as a big brother,”
Song Gang angrily said, “If you dare to talk nonsense, don’t blame me as a big brother for teaching him!”
“All right.”
Song Weiming waved his hand, “Stop talking about this topic.”
“You are responsible for Songcheng’s affairs. Make sure to check things out clearly. Whoever kills my Song family will cost him a hundred times the price!”
Song Gang responded.
He knew that the position of the future Patriarch of the Song family had been stabilized.
What we need to do now is to do more big things to let other people in the family have more knowledge about their own strengths, and in the future, after they become the head of the family, they will have a better time.
And the other side.
Song Xiaoyu returned to his study, and soon a shadow flashed in and knelt behind him on one knee.
“Little Master, according to your instructions, I found a little eyebrow!”
At this moment, Song Xiaoyu didn’t have that kind of childish feeling on his face. On the contrary, with a calm and wise, he suppressed all the sharpness.
“how is it.”
He turned his head and said calmly.

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