Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 571

“The Lin Group, I don’t know if there is a plan to go north. Will they come to the north to develop the market?”
Song Xiaoyu had some plans in his mind, but after a second thought, he shook his head again.
“Impossible, there is that business queen in the north, no one dares to enter this market, it’s impossible.”
He wanted to wait for the Lin Group to enter the northern market and approach them actively and try to make friends, but when he thought of the business queen, the terrible woman who occupies the top spot in more than a dozen important industries, and which company is there? , Will you feel that you are qualified to grab food?
It’s no different than hitting a rock with a pebble!
“Think about it again, put some news, let Song Gang first test the depth.”
Song Xiaoyu directly gave up this idea.
At that time.
Shenghai, in the hotel, Jiang Ning received a call from Su Mei.
“Jiangning, when are you coming back? Your relatives are here, but you happen to be away!”
Su Mei’s tone was full of joy, “I was just about to say, you and Yuzhen didn’t have a good wedding, now I can discuss it and do it for you!”
Jiang Ning took the phone’s hand, violently, almost squeezed the phone directly!
That guy went directly to the East China Sea.
“I and Yuzhen are in Shenghai, and there are still things busy, so I can’t go back for the time being.”
Jiang Ning was still calm and peaceful.
He never speaks loudly to Su Mei, let alone emotional.
“Okay, well, wait until you come back. Pay attention to your body outside, don’t be too tired, do you know?”
Su Mei said a few words, then hung up the phone.
Jiang Ning put down his mobile phone and sat there for a moment of silence. He really didn’t expect that guy would dare to go to the East China Sea. He really thought that he wouldn’t dare to do it?
“what’s happenin?”
Lin Yuzhen asked.
“Mom called and said I missed you. I hope we can go back soon.”
“The Lin Group has just entered the Shenghai market. There are still many things to do. Today there are a few customers who want to meet, and I also want to go home.
Lin Yuzhen looked helpless and pouted, “I miss my mother’s cooking.”
“Then we go back now?”
Jiang Ning spoke suddenly.
Immediately, without waiting for Lin Yu to really speak, he shook his head again, “Eating is not important, let’s finish the business first.”
“Okay, my husband.”
Lin Yu really nodded, “I want to work hard to make money and support you!”
At that time.
East China Sea, Lin Family Villa.
Su Mei, who put down the phone, smiled.
“You drink tea, Lin Wen adds tea to Mr. Jiang.”
Lin Wen smiled and hurriedly poured tea for Jiang Daoran. He received a call from Su Mei, saying that Jiang Ning’s family was here and hurried back from the company.
No matter how important things are, nothing can compare to meeting Jiang Ning’s family.
“You’re welcome.”
Jiang Daoran exuded a special temperament, and tried to be more casual. He did not expect that Lin Yuzhen’s parents would be so approachable.
I just heard Su Mei call Jiang Ning. The tone was clearly like Jiang Ning’s biological mother, caring about him and worrying about him.
Jiang Ning had never experienced the tone of speaking with Su Mei anyway.
He suddenly a little envious of Lin Wen and his wife.
“Jiang Ning said that he had been working outside and there was no one at home. We thought he was an orphan, which made people feel distressed.”
Su Mei sighed, “Unexpectedly, there is a distant relative, I am really happy for him.”
“Jiangning, this child is very good, and we are relieved when we hand over our daughter to him.”
Lin Wen smiled and said, “In-law, the two of them got married and only got the certificate. We thought, since the elders of both sides are here, should we discuss it and make up a wedding for the two children?”
“I heard that Jiang Ning is your son-in-law?”
Jiang Daoran asked with a smile.
“I treat him as my own son.”
Su Mei did not evade, and said directly, “Maybe, I really gave birth to a son, and Jiang Ning was not as good to me.”

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