Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 572

Jiang Daoran laughed.
“Children’s affairs, let the children decide for themselves, I won’t interfere.”
Jiang Daoran said, “I just passed the East China Sea today, and I heard Jiang Ning was here, so I came to sit there, and there was some interruption, and I hope the two will not be offended.”
“Anywhere, as long as you come to the East China Sea, you can come to your house and sit down.”
Jiang Daoran nodded.
He got up and said apologetically, “I came in a hurry this time, and I can’t stay longer, so I have to go. If there is a chance, please come to my house and we will talk.
Lin Wen and Su Mei both stood up and kept Jiang Daoran before leaving after eating.
Seeing that Jiang Daoran was busy with important things, the two of them stopped staying, and sent Jiang Daoran to the door, got in the car, and then returned to the house.
Working in the car, Jiang Daoran didn’t speak for a long time, leaning on the pillow of the car, as if lost.
Jiang Hai drove seriously and looked at the rearview mirror from time to time, knowing that Jiang Daoran’s mood at the moment must be very complicated.
“You know, what did Jiang Ning tell me when he saw me for the first time when he grew up?”
Jiang Daoran spoke suddenly.
Jiang Hai was shocked and shook his head.
“He told me with a murderous face that he would definitely kill me!”
Jiang Daoran remembered it clearly.
At that time, Jiang Ning was so powerful that no one could match him. No one could stop him when he killed Jiang’s house late at night. As long as he did it, he would definitely die.
He remembered too clearly, the expression on Jiang Ning’s face was anger, resentment, and blame!
Blame myself for not keeping them back then, letting them be two mothers and children, being driven out of the Jiang family, letting them live on the streets, and even letting Jiangning lose her mother.
Jiang Daoran’s eyes are a little red,
“The tone he used to talk to Lin Yuzhen’s mother on the phone just now, I may not feel it in my entire life.”
“Patriarch, no, young master, he will understand one day, he will understand you…”
“He will not.”
Jiang Daoran shook his head and turned to look at the window, as if there was a moist touch in the corner of his eye, which was too inconsistent with his identity.
Jiang Hai immediately avoided his gaze.
“Patriarch, are you still going to see Lin Yuzhen?”
He quickly changed the subject.
“No need. After meeting her parents, I can be sure that this girl can’t be wrong, just as kind as Jiang Ning’s mother.”
Jiang Daoran took a deep breath, “That’s it, I agree.”
Jiang Hai hesitated, “At the Long Family, Long Linger said that he would not marry a young master when he was three years old. He is still waiting for the young master, even if the young master is no longer a member of the Jiang family, let alone the current status of the young master. …I’m afraid I won’t give up.”
Jiang Daoran’s aura suddenly changed, like a tiger, instantly awakened!
Even a master like Jiang Hai could not help shaking himself when he felt this aura.
“The Long family is stronger than my Jiang family, but so what? Jiang Ning doesn’t want to marry, so don’t marry! Jiang Ning will marry anyone who wants to marry! His Long family can’t control it!”
Jiang Daoran snorted coldly, “Who dares to stop, step over me first!”
Jiang Hai’s heart beat suddenly.
Jiang Daoran’s words are too heavy!
For the real wealthy families in the north, the Long family is still stronger than the Jiang family for the time being. If there is a conflict between the two parties, it will definitely trigger a major earthquake in the entire north!
If Jiang Ning hadn’t been so accomplished before, and without the supreme honor and the title of God of War, the Long Family would probably not be willing to let their heavenly proud daughter marry Jiang Ning.
But now, several big families, as long as there are girls of the right age in the family, can all stare at Jiang Ning, who can marry Jiang Ning, that is a huge help to the whole family.
Anyone who can’t get Jiang Ning is naturally unwilling to let others marry him, not to mention that Jiang Ning is now marrying an ordinary girl.
Is it worth it just for Jiangning’s marriage?
“I don’t know Jiangning, I will leave regrets again.”
Jiang Daoran’s words were very small, but Jiang Hai could hear them clearly.
“Go back to Jiang’s house.”
Jiang Hai knew that Jiang Daoran would have to do something when he returned to Jiang’s house this time. After having been dormant for so many years, Jiang Daoran had never shown his strength.
And now, if he wants to move, it will definitely set off a huge wave!
The north seems to be changing too.

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