Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 578

“If you don’t take revenge, you swear not to be human!”
Luo Yonggansen said coldly.
“The Tie family, and my Song family, have been operating in Shenghai for many years, supporting the Su family and the Zuo family. They can already close the line, but it is the people of the East China Sea who made troubles and broke my family’s major affairs!”
Song Gang said loudly, “My second brother Song Cheng died in Shenghai!”
“This blood feud, my Song family, must also be reported!”
The Patriarch of the Tie Family squinted his eyes, glanced at Song Gang, and said, “As the future Patriarch of the Song Family, I admire the courage of Song Gang’s nephew. My Tie Family is willing to cooperate with you and take Shenghai again. come back!”
He didn’t want to come in person, but he knew that this was Song Gang who wanted to be in the position. Come by himself, it would be considered as a face. At the same time, he was an elder, so he would naturally have more right to speak when fighting for benefits.
In such circles in the north, the face should be given. Hedong in thirty years, and Hexi in thirty years. Who knows what the situation will be when Song Gang becomes the head of the Song family.
Leave a way for yourself, even if it’s useless now, maybe in the future.
Seeing Tie Family also spoke, Song Gang nodded, his gaze fell on the last Patriarch of the Qi Family.
“These people from the East China Sea are cruel by nature, and they are extremely ruthless. They ruined my in-laws in Jianzhou. They have no future generations. They can’t avenge them, but I must avenge them!”
The Patriarch of the Qi family shouted, “My Qi family, I would like to join a few of you to punish the Donghai rebels!”
So far, the four major families have formed an alliance without the slightest obstacle.
Everyone is pregnant, but the goal is the same.
Just like Song Gang always said, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits.
In the face of interests, everyone can be friends or even allies!
“it is good!”
Song Gang said, “If that’s the case, let’s open up and say, my Song family can produce three masters, and one of them has the strength of a grandmaster!”
This is a huge cost.
Grandmaster-level masters, the northern families, who can have master-level masters, can be counted.
“My Tie Family, there are also three, the same as the Song Family.”
The Patriarch of the Tie Family said lightly.
In terms of effort, he can’t be lower than the Song family, otherwise there will be no bargaining chips when reaping benefits.
“My Luo family…”
When it comes to master-level masters, Luo Yongqian is a little annoyed. He originally had Ye Xinhuo in the Luo family, which could bring the Luo family to a higher level in the north, but he died after going to the East China Sea.
Thinking of this, Luo Yongqian’s heart suddenly trembled, an inexplicable fear suddenly came to his heart!
That Donghae!
Ye Xinhuo died in the East China Sea!
Even a master-level master like Ye Xinhuo would die in the East China Sea. It is definitely not a good place to come to the East China Sea.
In his heart, he couldn’t help but hesitate.
The Luo family can’t afford to lose now. If there is any mistake, I am afraid that they will have to be removed from the northern family!
“Patriarch Luo?”
Seeing Luo Yongqian hesitated and did not speak, Song Gang opened his mouth, “Does Patriarch Luo still have any doubts?”
He frowned slightly, obviously dissatisfied with Luo Yongqian’s hesitation.
The Patriarch of the Tie Family also looked at Luo Yongqian.
The two big and second-rate families have already put out their bargaining chips, and now it’s up to the Luo family and the Qi family. As a third-rate family, they are naturally inferior to the other two, but their attitude and sincerity can’t be worse.
“My Luo family, there are three masters, one of whom has reached the level of a master at the same time!”
Luo Yonggan opened his mouth.
Hearing this, Song Gang’s eyes lit up.
He knew that Ye Xinhuo was dead, and the Luo family still had a master-level master?
“This person is a person in the world. He has practiced martial arts for many years. He is skilled and greedy for money. Only in the Luo family can I be moved.”
Knowing that they were curious, Luo Yonggan explained it himself.
It is very difficult for the current master-level masters to have such good invitations, no favors, and not enough respect and status.
A master of this level, no matter which family he goes to, will definitely be treated as a guest of honor.
“My family is the same as the Luo family.”
The Patriarch of the Qi family nodded and said, “The master level master I invited is from abroad. I want to come, not worse than the one invited by the Luo family.”
The status of the two families is equal, and the bargaining chips put forward will naturally be the same.
“it is good!”
Song Gang stood up, “The twelve masters can’t easily level the East China Sea? Huh, I want to see if that person in the East China Sea has three heads and six arms!”
“This time, my four big families have joined forces and let other families see. The Forbidden Land in the East China Sea is just a fake name, but just a joke!”

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