Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 58

Lin Wen and others walked into the company lobby, and everyone immediately applauded.
“Welcome to the chairman!”
Huang Yuming took the lead and shouted.
“Welcome to the chairman!”
Everyone shouted in unison.
Huang Yuming stepped forward and said loudly: “Everyone, today I officially announce to you that this company will be renamed Lin Group, Lin Wen will serve as chairman, and Lin Yuzhen will serve as general manager, and I have finally completed my task. Gloriously retired!”
Hearing this, everyone immediately understood that Huang Yuming had always only worked for Lin Wen’s family?
This is too shocking!
“From today on, all the affairs of the company will be handed over to Chairman Lin Wen. I hope you will cooperate with him to make the company better and better!”
Huang Yuming is considered to be handed over.
After speaking, he pushed Lin Wen to the front, and applause sounded again.
“thank you all.”
Lin Wen was a little excited and didn’t know what to say. He glanced at Jiang Ning and nodded when Jiang Ning nodded. Then he continued, “I will not let everyone down. I will work hard to make this company better and let everyone, Live better!”
Applause sounded again.
The handover ceremony is not complicated, and all the procedures have been completed long ago.
For employees, apart from changing the company’s leader, there is no difference, so they don’t care too much.
Before Huang Yuming, he basically didn’t care about things. As long as Lin Wen can maintain the status quo and let everyone work stably, it is enough.
When he arrived at the office, Lin Wen saw the renovated office and hurriedly turned around to thank Huang Yuming.
“Brother Yuming, I don’t know how to thank you!”
This company originally belonged to Huang Yuming, but he was willing to give it directly to himself. This is a great kindness.
Unexpectedly, when Lin Wen called his brother, Huang Yuming hurriedly said: “You are too polite to be, you are too polite. This company was originally prepared for your father and daughter.”
“I just replaced you. I managed it for a few years. Now that the time has come, I should leave it to you. I believe you can make the employees here have a better life!”
Just kidding, I called Jiang Ning’s eldest brother, Jiang Ning is Lin Wen’s son-in-law, Lin Wen called his brother, this generation is messed up.
“You can show your fists, if you have anything I need to do, please tell me at any time.”
After speaking, Huang Yuming turned and left.
“Dad, Jiang Ning asked you to be the chairman and me as the manager, so what would he be?”
Lin Yu was really confused. This company must be Jiang Ning’s. Huang Yuming was just helping him.
Lin Wen shook his head, Su Mei also shook his head, Jiang Ning did not say.
Jiang Ning is downstairs in the company!
In front of him, stood fifty people, all elites selected by Huang Yuming.
“The elite in Huang’s mouth are you?”
Jiang Ning glanced at random and couldn’t help being a little funny.
This can also be regarded as an elite. When is the term elite so cheap?
The expression of disdain on his face made no secret of it, shook his head and said, “I’m a little disappointed.”
The fifty people standing there suddenly changed their expressions.
Jiang Ning despised them so directly, it would be too much.
They are all people trained by Huang Yuming. They have not made any shots in these years, but their confidence is no worse than anyone. They are waiting for an opportunity to show their strength!
But now, a person suddenly appeared in front of him, speaking to them in such a tone, who would be convinced in his heart?
“What qualifications do you have to talk about us.”
One of them stood up straight and said coldly, “We only listen to Mr. Huang, what are you!”
Not far away, Huang Yuming watched, cursed in his heart, your kid is fat, dare to talk to the big brother like this!
If it weren’t for Jiang Ning to let him not show up, he would have to go and kick the guy’s feet viciously.
Huang Yuming didn’t understand. He took this company away, but made Lin Wen the chairman and Lin Yuzhen the general manager, and he himself was only appointed as the director of the security department.
How is this worthy of Jiangning!
But this was Jiang Ning’s decision, and he naturally had no doubts.
“Mr. Huang, what does he mean, eldest brother?”
Brother Gou stood behind Huang Yuming, and he didn’t know why, “This group of people is the best we can fight. Brother, he still doesn’t like it?”

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