Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 580

“Mr. Jiang did not return to the East China Sea.”
Gao Bin looked serious, “Brother Gou and they are back.”
Gao Yali nodded, “There are more than 30 masters like Brother Dog…”
Thinking of Gou and their battle formation techniques, even people like Gao Yali who didn’t understand it were shocked.
Especially, the people of their Gao family, after the training of Brother Dog, had a huge transformation in a short time, so she was amazed that Jiang Ning could have this method.
I dare not say that turning decay into magic, but it does make Brother Gou and the others completely different from the past!
That kind of change, I don’t know how many people, it’s impossible to achieve in their lifetime, but in Jiangning’s place, it seems that there is no difficulty at all.
“The Shenghai side…”
Gao Bin’s Adam’s apple slipped, the expression on his face became more serious, “I’m afraid, it’s the real battlefield!”
There will be four masters of the master level, come to Shenghai, here, fight to the death!
Just thinking about it, Gao Bin felt his body trembling, even if it was him, facing a master-level master, it would be extremely difficult to survive. At this time, there are four!
“Sister, it’s too dangerous this time.”
He couldn’t help but said, “Four master-level masters, Mr. Jiang… how does he respond?”
Those are four masters at the master level!
Gao Bin couldn’t imagine how to deal with this, he couldn’t fight at all.
Even if you have seen Jiang Ning’s strength, the person you faced last time was only a person close to the master level, and it was a world of difference between being close and reaching!
Not to mention, this time I have to face four at once.
Gao Bin was a little nervous, he wanted to tell himself not to be nervous, but he couldn’t do it at all.
It’s not that he is not optimistic, but that this is simply impossible, and it is no different from sending death.
“Mr. Jiang, what are you doing now?”
Gao Yali asked indifferently how nervous Gao Bin was.
“I… making tea.”
Gao Bin had a heartbreak.
He had just returned from Jiangning’s hotel, Jiangning was making tea leisurely, and occasionally bickering with the legend of Su Yun, the provincial capital, as if he didn’t know it at all.
Gao Bin didn’t dare to imagine, how could a person be so indifferent to face such a powerful enemy!
“That’s right.”
Gao Yali took a deep breath.
Even if it was her, her heart would be nervous.
But she believes more in Jiang Ning’s strength!
Because this man is very different.
“Do our own thing, that’s enough.”
She looked at Gao Bin and said, “Make sure, Lin’s Lin’s employees, everyone is safe and sound, do you understand?”
Gao Bin nodded, “I will protect Yuzhen myself. Even if I die, I will not let anyone hurt her!”
The Song family united with the other three to attack the underground circle of the East China Sea. The news spread quickly.
But it didn’t take long for someone to see that the Song family was really a drunkard who didn’t want to drink, and his goal was not Donghai, but Shenghai!
The four great masters have all gone to Shenghai, but the other eight masters have killed Xiangdonghai!
This made the Luo family very dissatisfied.
“Song Gang, what do you mean?”
It took Luo Yonggan a huge price to invite a master-level master, hoping to take this opportunity to bring back the lost Tianhai Provincial City.
But the twelve masters were all under the control of the Song family and the Tie family, but they let the masters of the four great masters go directly to Shenghai, while the other eight went to the East China Sea.
What is this?
“Patriarch Luo, don’t be impatient.”
Song Gang said indifferently, “In the East China Sea, eight masters are enough to deal with it, but Sheng Hai is different.”
“What if Donghae missed it?”
Luo Yong was furious, what Shenghai, in his eyes, the East China Sea is much more terrifying than Shenghai.
Sheng Hai only lost a few people, that Dong Hai, but he smashed all of his Luo family’s more than 20 years of management, and even killed a master-level master!
“Patriarch Luo, Dong Hai can’t miss it.”
The Patriarch of the Tie Family spoke, and Wei Wei surroundings seemed to be dissatisfied with Luo Yongqian’s attitude, “Since we have decided, and these masters let Song Gang arrange them, it is the one who listens to him, I believe him.”
Now everyone is a person on the same boat, and no one cares about it.
This is even more true for Song Gang. This is Liwei, and the future battle for the fame of the upper Song Family Patriarch will be a decision he made after many days of thinking.
He expected that the most important master of the East China Sea would definitely be in Shenghai, and only by going to Shenghai could he catch all the people of the East China Sea!
Since then, you can sit back and relax.

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